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Pirate King

Leader of the Stormfleet pirates.

"So officer what you are telling me is that your vessel fled from the pirates?"
"Yes sir."
"Why would you have done that?"
"It was not just any pirate vessel sir. It was the pirate king and she ha-"
"You mean pirate queen."
"No sir, any leader of the pirates is known as the king. That is what the man we rescued told us. He also informed us that the current king has a voice that can control storms."
"That is not possible, that man is clearly mad from his captivity."
"Yes sir, whatever you say sir."


The only qualification is to prove one's leadership capabilities. Given that these are pirates, a single - generally explosive - event which results in victory is considered sufficient.


The only requirement to gain this rank is to gain popular support among the pirate captains. Unanimous support is best because it lowers the risk of dissent.   Despite the title being king, a woman can be - and currently is - the pirate king.


To appoint the new king, the pirate captains all gather in one location though the specific location isn't important except that it not be on land. There is a lot of debate, mostly argument, over who should take the title. Once they finally force a vote each pirate captain votes yay or nay while holding the king's brim then passes the hat to the next captain. If there are more yays than nays the candidate gets handed the hat and becomes the new king. If there are more nays, they return to arguing.   After a new king is selected, there is a lot of revelry. They sing, dance, eat, and drink for as long as they can.


The main duty of the pirate king is preventing infighting among the various captains.


While the captains often operate independently, it is the responsibility of the king to divide the skies into regions for each captain and to create plans for organized raids and assaults involving multiple ships. Most pirate kings have also served as captain of a ship which consumes much of their time.   It is the job of the king to interpret the code. When problems come up involving pirate tradition, the king can motion that the tradition stands, is revoked, is altered, or even added to the code. For any motion except standing at least four captains must agree to this motion for it to alter the code. If the king stands, four or more captains can challenge the stand.


The king can commandeer any ship in Stormfleet to be theirs to helm. In addition, they get a share of all spoils from pirate actions. In theory they also hold the most power in the social and political aspects of Stormfleet but the captain's council rule is powerful as well.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The only piece of gear associated with the pirate king is the king's brim.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The only way to remove a pirate king - according to the code - is for a large majority of the captains to agree. This has not happened yet. So far the king has only been killed by outside forces or internal conflict.


Pirates are not known for record keeping - or accurate storytelling - so little is known about the history of their structure. Stormfleet is only decades old and they have had a king for the majority of that time.

Cultural Significance

In the realm of literature and theatre the pirate king has been either an evil entity or a romanticized hero. In the world of trading and travel, even mention of the title causes people to sweat.

Notable Holders

The first pirate king Karel Blackbarrel turned the shaky alliance that was Stormfleet at the time into a united force that fought off and survived attacks from the Burim Navy during the Struggle at the Shattered Isles. The gains in both number of ships and crew - those that surrendered at least - paved the way for their quick rise to prominance.

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The Stormfleet Codex defined this rank.
Form of Address
Equates to
The pirate king is similar in power to an admiral but is the highest authority like a king.
Source of Authority
Popular support of the pirate captains.
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