The Calling Card

Jaki slammed her fist on the dead controls. Power was gone. She glanced at Tur'up. For once, her furry friend was completly still, blood trickling from his mouth. A corner of shimmer poked out of his breast pocket. Jaki reached over, deftly plucked the card, and examined it in glow of emergency lights.   The first side was blank, smooth and reflective. She saw only herself in it. On the other though, were words.
  A simple, metallic calling card, similar to those handed out by business associates and guildsmen. Roughly 9×5 cm, the card has been found throughout the Mizar System. No one is really sure who they belong to, and no one who has come into possesion of one ever remember being handed it. At best, they find it in a hard to reach, rarely cleaned corner of their ship, or in the pocket of a used jacket they have just acquired. At worst, it appears in a place it was not before.  
Have you found yourself stranded between nothing and your own thoughts? Have you found yourself completly alone? WE can help. WE only ask one thing.
— Front of the Calling Card
The card always appears to be inscribed in the native language of those that read it, even when read simultaneously by two speakers. It has even been readable by those without sight, giving a tactile message.   Many citizens of the system posses their own copy of the card. In fact, since the development of interplanetary flight, almost every single flyer has found one of the ubiquitous cards in their possession.
Jaki turned the card back over. Emblazoned on the side were two simple words.
She scoffed at the apparent warning. "What the hell is this, Tur? Some cheap joke before we both go quietly into the stars?"   She slumped back in her seat, staring at the cold darkness of space through the view screen. There had to be some way to get the power back. If she could get them moving towards Habos, they may run into a Pallifuel Hauler. At least get their bodies home at the very least. She ducked her head under the main console, looking for someway to at least kick start the thrusters.
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Cover image: Life Under Four Suns by [user:PatheticBarrel]


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