Life Under Four Suns Interplanetary politics and bounty hunting at sub-light speed

Nine Cycles after the Dissolution of the Mizar Alliance

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My personal project for competing in WA Summer Camp 2020.
This setting proudly uses the Celenia D10 RPG System for it's campaigns!
Basht slammed the ship controls forward.   "Damn politicians. Can't keep their mouths shut when it would actually do others some good."   The ships computer hummed a rapid set of deep notes.   "That wasn't my fault! Are the aft shield panels recharged yet?"   A discerning two-notes responded.   "Then get them up! I've got enough pallifuel on this bucket to give Illimia a new star if one of those backwater Federation boys lands a shot on us."   Aggresive beeps came from the terminal as Basht banked hard.   "You want to handle the flying? Yeah, didn't think so."
  The Mizar Alliance has failed. What once united the various cultures of the quaternary star system is left crippled after decades of resource scarcity and it's ineffectual government's failure to stop multiple uprisings. Piracy and smuggling provide the only safety net for some of the population, as the vernable Tarun Interplanetary Defense Corps that once defended the system has turned its focus towards homework opposition.   Various resistances against a new alliance of planets have risen. Federations and trade guilds fight over provincial rights, while the Out Worlds battle for recognition of their own troubles. Never before has the Mizar System known such times.   It is amongst these stars, between worlds of wonder, that ancient ruins are discovered. The Poneeian Asteroid Belt reveals the existance of a once powerful civilization that may have torn its homeworld apart. What new developments can give your people a stronger foothold in the systems war for power? And which power vacumm will be filled first?

What is Life Under Four Suns?

Simply put, a science-fantasy storytelling setting invoking the feel of classic Science-Fantasy stories like Star Wars while taking heavy influence from Westerns such as The Magnificent Seven or The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The world is in one sense a place of exploration and discovery, and in another a place of deceit and lawlessness.

Legality versus Morality

Much like the real world, the large and diverse Mizar System struggles between upholding it's laws and empowering it's varied citizens. Morality often takes a backseat to power and control, while the law is only upheld to keep the masses under that control.

Life Under Four Suns has 22 Bright Spots