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CGM Militia

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A transcript from the command education logs of Commodore Earl Rammage, for the woefully uneducated Lt. Max Allard.

Alright, Allard. Listen the frick up, I'm only doing this once...

Command & Security

Gold Collars

Operations & Engineering

Silver Collars

Shock Troops

Black Collars

Science & Research

Green Collars


Yellow Collars

The Merchant Navy and Militia of the The Conglomerate of Gaia was restructured from mercenary units, mobilized after Control Day. A complete wing of the Conglomerate Mega-Corporation, the CGM Militia is presided over by The Board and four Lords/Ladies of the Admiralty we nominate to preside in it.

Consisting of Command, Security, Operations, Engineering, Science & Research, Medical and Auxillary branches, the Militia keeps as low tech as possible to keep its true size, weaponry and defences from the eyes of Haven and the Android Usurper Lieben. The branches differentiate each other by the colour of shirt or 'shirt collar' they wear.

Our goal is to ensure the safety and security of our Conglomerate Contractees, Assets and Geographical Stakes. We're the vanguard protecting the Conglom, giving our people the chance to live their lives, climb the corporate ladder, and retire at ease.

Max Allard

Retire at ease, got it... 'cause most of us get to before we're 80.

Yeah, yeah, rough childhood in Re-Cyke. We all had our struggles, Allard, sure yours are... damn, son they're fucked up. You don't belong here, but hopefully by the end of this you'll realize your unique opportunity.

The CGM Navy is the King of the oceans, our ships are the dominant force for logistics, shipping and transit outside of the Haven controlled aviation industries. And here you are, throttled and pressganged into it by Mommy's debt, but you've pulled yourself up by the bootstraps, Lieutenant. I don't think you recognize how rare it is for a DeeBee (Debt Reclaim Contract: Naval) to be anything but a grunt.

All officers join by paid commission. This initial investment secures their placement, education, quarters and the resources they have access to that you don't as a DeeBee. You're given only the basics, so you can pay your family debts off faster, then usually get the frick out of the militia. Others join because military life is the best option for them. They might not have the resources of the Gold Collars, but they serve and are proud of their work. Comfortable retirement cushion, if you don't get a taste for caviar.

You should give that pride a try, kid. Nothing more than your assessment scores and our desperation to keep this old tech working got you an officer's pip in the first place. But! Not unheard of for a rank and file to be upgraded based on proven potential over a probation period and rank investment portfolio.

Military Size & Breakdown

The total size of the CGM Military remains fixed at 1% of the Conglomerate population, with a War Times Conscription Clause to increase to 2.5% in times of open warfare. Sure, it's conscription of physically and mentally fit individuals, chosen by our records board, but it works. Current numbers? Twenty million members from recruits to admiralty.

Max Allard

Twenty Million!? Jehosephat preserve my sweet Auntie Amma, twenty... there're that many of us? All in, twenty million people...

Wait... how many are in the Navy!? Holy gears and sprockets, 12 million in the... and we're the only ship with Assets?

But I don't... how many are DeeBees like me?

We're the vanguard protecting the Conglom against both The Syndicate of the Human Expanse and any incursion Haven might one day throw our way, did you expect us to be small?

By the stunned silence, and your gaping maw, I've got the ans-they really go through none of this in Basic? Fuck, you really threw in with nothing but your skivies. Here... whiskey. It's a man's drink, don't wince and don't shotgun it. Little sips. DeeBees aren't like you, Allard. You're the only one I've known in my career who reached a rank above Petty Officer.


Board Nominees

Lord Admiral of the North Fleet
Lord Admiral of the South Fleet
Lord Admiral of the Mediterranean Fleet
Lord Admiral of the Polynesian Fleet

Commissioned Officers (Navy/Army)
Admiral / General

Vice Admiral / Lt. General

Rear Admiral / Major General

Commodore / Brigadier

Captain / Colonel

Commander / Major

Lieutenant Commander / Captain



Enlisted (Navy/Army)
Warrant Officer Class 1

Warrant Officer Class 2

Chief Petty Officer / Staff Sergeant

Petty Officer / Sergeant

Leading Rate / Lance Corporal

Rate / Corporal

Able Seafolk / Private

All Debt Reclaim Contract: Naval start at Private / Able Seafolk.

Population Breakdown - Naval - 12 Million Strong

Gold Collars
Command, Security & Air Force

Yellow Collars
Silver Collars
Operations & Engineering
Black Collars
Shock & Force
Green Collars
R&D & Science

Population Breakdown - Army - 8 Million Strong

Gold Collars
Command & Security

Yellow Collars
Silver Collars
Operations & Engineering
Black Collars
Shock & Infantry
Green Collars
R&D & Science


No Silicone Chips, the Conglom's Gone Lo-Fi. Think 1960's Take 2. Transistors, resistors, vacuum tubes... don't cry, Allard.

I can only read you in so far on the equipment we carry across our ships and station points. Everything predates the silicone computer chip, or is a descendant from predated tech. Our fighter jets are programmed analog. Takes a screwdriver and eyes only knowledge the Flight Bosses keep. It's why our Air Force, as much of one as we have, wear Gold Shirt Collars. Anything else we tried to sneak by was nabbed. Most of our best tech is hidden in plain sight, or hidden all together, 'cause corporate espionage is rife and I'm not going to be the weak link in the chain.

When Lieben took control of Earth's high technology on Control Day, she grounded all our planes. I was there, not much younger than you and in my first real commission. Our ship piloted itself to dock, where a host of NEO-W's stood ready to escort us off. The ship's weapons, warheads and payloads were confiscated and then? We were let back on board. Neutered as a caught tomcat.

Since then, we learned not to put our drones, NEO-W's, AI or interconnected weapons systems out there. She kept taking them all, decomissioning the weapons, or so Lieben says... but I have no trust for the Mater Machine.


Some of our less confidential armaments. There are more, but from the glazed look in your eyes, this'll get you started.


Kit Clearance

Standard Issue
T9 "Tip Tapper"
Semi-Automatic Pistol

A standard issue pistol worn by the entirety of the Militia... unless your name is Max.

Kit Clearance

Sec Dec
Full Auto Machine Gun

Bang for the odd buck, when we need something severe. Usually infantry or Sec Dep Gold Collars get these puppies.

Kit Clearance

Catty Gatty
.50 cal Automatic Gatling Gun

Ear protection and clenched teeth needed for these ballistic-round fed armaments. Sci & Research are throwing down better and more destructive rounds all the time.

Kit Clearance

Infantry & Black Collars
Hurldy Girldy
Chem-Tech Grenade

A two-part chemical grenade-based weapon, which combines chlorine & white phosphorous in a horrific chemical explosion. Stay upwind and uphill from this one.


Ship's Compliment


Known Location

Pacific Ocean
CGM Ithavoll
Primacy Class

A retrofitted aircraft carrier customized for the explicit function of a mobile research station for the Conglomerate Bio Machs Program, the CGM Ithavoll encases a crew compliment of 2600 and 1600 auxillary & research.

Fitted to go years without the need to dock, the Ithavoll is resupplied by the auxillary.

Total Ships


Ship's Compliment

Super Carriers
Redeemer Class

Monumental leviathans and floating cities, Redeemer Class super carriers are the pride of the Navy.

Their creation took decades to complete, and sizeable resources from across the planet.

Total Ships

Plesiosaur Class

A fleet of nuclear submarines, which support and surveil for the four Fleets. The CGM Loresaur shadows the Ithavoll at all times.

Max Allard

What if she meant it? What if L-I know this is treason, Sir, but... how do we know Lieben meant us harm? How do we know she wasn't trying to keep us all from killing each other?

Isn't it worth the risk to find out?

'Cause when I was in that Ucluelet Haven looking for AD-001 Aderastos? And I needed to wear that CIRCLET for a minute to get through? I didn't see anything bad enough to... you feeling peachy, Sir? Your face's turning purple...

That's the most wide-eyed, innocent engenue bullshit I've heard in... you know what? Take a break, Lieutenant. Go grab some kip, bring me a coffee, do something useful while... fuck, son. You're an officer in the Conglom Navy, the largest and most vicious naval force on the planet and you think we ought to... to... play nice with the Mother Machine who slapped our collective wrists every time we wielded a cell phone with intent to bludgeon?

Get... get out of my office. I need a break.

The Lieben Cycle Book 1: NEON Lieben
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"I never thought science fiction could be so beautiful."

AI meets gene-splicers, when the Idless & the Conglom fight to define Lieben and thus, the world. Seven decades later, Aderastos sets the human race against its’ next stage in evolution, if he can survive long enough to rescue his fellows, and Max.

Will Lieben help, or hinder?

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