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2156: Commodore E. Rammage Personal Log

A transcript from the personal logs of Commodore Earl Rammage.   Wedged between the ocean and the Australian desert in the The Conglomerate of Gaia 's port city of Rindahl, Re-Cyke is a district dedicated to recycling and repurposing. Home of recycling depots, reproduction facilities, re-weaving looms & tailors, mechanics shops and water/waste processing, the buildings within the Re-Cyke district are 100% recycled materials. Place freaking stinks. Smells like stale beer and salt water, don't know how anyone stands it.  
"No better place in the world to recycle materials, fix old tech and get bespoke vehicles made from spare parts and gumption. Re-Cyke might not've been ritzy or well connected, but we were all proud and hard working folk, who knew each bit we salvaged helped keep the planet from junk."
    While humble and practical in design, the people of Re-Cyke tend toward the bohemian. Due to Re-Cyke's relatively low wages, most things are built around found items from the recycling depots, junk yards and reclamation facilities. Clothing remains eccentric, a few tailor shops dedicated to the chop-shop fashion trend are beginning to pop up.


All legal citizens are Homo Sapiens. Filled by the lower rungs of The Conglomerate of Gaia society: mechanics, labourers, trades & artists. Those who signed lower rate contracts.   All the power to them. Decent work.


Part of the corpocratic Conglom system, the district vice president remains in charge of Re-Cyke, filtered down through the Officers, Junior Officers, Supervisory Employees.


The Weather Shield is the major protection outside the citizen's wits. While the Weather Shield only mitigates the effects of storms from the Tasman Sea, it does enough to temper waves, wind and the potential destruction of Earth's mighty meteorological systems.

Industry & Trade

  • Recycling Depots
  • Mechanics
  • Carpentry & Building Maintenance
  • Textile Factories
  • New & Used Building Supplies
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Waste Treatment Facilities
  • Desalinization Stations
  • The Bazaar
  • Waste Processing


When Rindahl's expansion meant living space was at a minimum in the 2120's, members of the lower wage classes began to create pontoons around the outer structure of the floating city. Homesteader stakes were purchased from the Conglom's Central Hub, and Re-Cyke began to take shape out of necessity before art.   The entirety of Re-Cyke is built upon the water, with a small amount of undulation due to its' original pontoon and anchor system. Most, if not all successful citizens of Re-Cyke are known to have natural sea-legs.    Max Allard commented once to a superior officer aboard the CGM Ithavoll that Re-Cyke kids made the best surfers on Earth. They bet on it.   Couple days later, I got notice of a chunk payment against Allard's Debt Reclaim Contract: Naval.


Re-Cyke is the stockpile of tech parts, building supplies, electronics and dry docks for ship repair. Anyone in Rindahl, who needs repairs from cobblers to mechanics, will find what they need at a price, within Re-Cyke's gently undulating 'landmass'. Precious metals and other harder to find supplies are re-rendered in recycling plants, where old technology from watches to automobiles are ripped down to their constituent pieces, and reformed into raw materials.


While it provides an integral function to the rest of Rindahl, Re-Cyke is home to usually hard working people who traded their education investment for trade schools or lump sums. Engineers, mechanics, trades people and artists make Re-Cyke home, while shipwrights and materials science continues to work out of the edge Re-Cyke shares with the Factory district on one side, and the Port on the other.

Points of interest

  • Tama's Mechanic Shop
  • The Fountain
  • Re-Cyke Supplies


"Tourists! In Re-Cyke!? Haha! Aw, I'm only... no, Adie come back!" Max reached for Adelia's wrist and held it loose.

"Oh yeah? Why is it funny?"

"Sweetheart, I grew up next to a garbage dump. About the only tourism we got was to some ritzy fashion designers and mechanics, who could fix all sorts of things from suits to old cars."

"Mechanics, huh?" 

"I happen to have been one of them. Fixed old school toasters, G-Wagons, old e-bikes, the works."

Emptiness at the Centre by Sapha Burnell


Re-Cyke is the pinnacle of reuse-recycle. Due to its' often experimental nature, none of the buildings in Re-Cyke get to the spires and heights of other districts. The penchant for certain experimental materials to fail is too prevalent and risky. Prefab housing made of rejected materials connects to most mechanical facilities in apartment complexes, which spill into the water itself. Moored to the waterways, house boats and pontoon zones allow for a certain amount of life on the sea, within the safety of the weather shields.   Plenty of wood, recycled concrete, alloys and plastics.


Bound between the Tasman Sea and the remnant of Cape Howe, Re-Cyke is wedged on artificial grounds. Part of the Rindahl Expansion of the 2080's, Australia's landmass was added to by engineers and dyke builders to 'swell' outward into the Tasman Sea in an arc. The majority of this expansion includes the districts of Re-Cyke, Campus, Aqua-Agri, Central, Technik & the Port.

Natural Resources

"Water, ah, there's water, some waves they are choice... more water, some seaweed usually edible... water?"

"Maxi, I think I get it. There's water." Adelia slid her hand across Max's pectorals, nestled her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah, we didn't have much else but compost and water. Some scrap metal made into new bars. Art was pretty, though."

Emptiness at the Centre by Sapha Burnell

Notable Citizens

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Alternative Name(s)
Re-Cycle District; Re-Re
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