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Black Collars

Shock, Awe & Weapons Fire


A transcript from the command education logs of Commodore Earl Rammage, for the woefully uneducated Lt. Max Allard.

Time for the Boogeymen. Black Collars are Hired Killers. The End.

Unit Overview

The Black Collars, or BC's for short, descended from the elite security forces hired by The Conglomerate of Gaia in the 2060's. Shock troops hired to kinetically and forcefully engage with any threats, the Black Collars are given a freedom from legal penalty within Gaia.

Shock troop and protection for Conglom Elites, sending in the BC's is a flack grenade into a crowded room.

Black Collars are the Sword & Laser of the Conglom.

Highly drilled and trained to be as accurate and lethal as humanly possible, with few non-lethal options beyond asset protection, BC's know their days are more numbered than any other position in the CGM Militia. There are tons of Debt Reclaim Contract: Naval's who make it into our version of Security wrapped around flack jackets and machine gun fire. These people have to go up against NEO-W's, Syndicate Mutates and the worst of humanity, without a second glance backward.

Max Allard

Terrifying fuckers... don't know whether to be scared of the way they laugh at me or relieved none of them much see me as more than their local plumber. Still, Commander Singh is alright. He's a decent man, which... sorta strange to see a decent, heroic dude in the BC's, isn't it?

Founding and History

Singh has his own story to tell, maybe if you both survive long enough, he'll share it.

The BC's got started from hired guns the Conglom Elites back before The Flag War hired to protect them and their families. Soon, the various members of The Board began to hire within friend groups, then hired the same trainers to rigorously test their bodyguards. Old Canadian shock troopers were the first instructors, and as the need for BC's grew from personal to asset protection, so too did the regimented nature of the unit.

During the War, BC's gained a rep for going in hot, heavy and with astounding amounts of firepower. Back in those days, they worked closest with the attack drones and military bots the Conglom was shipping out. This continued until Control Day, when Lieben took over and decommissioned the drones and NEO-W's she kept calling 'her kids'. Instead of working with high technology, the BC's became the best we had to defend against them overnight.

Motto and Tradition

Win or Get In.

BC uniforms are equipped with an external thigh pouch housing a vacuum sealed, personalized body bag. Where other forces in history wore dog tags, outside the subcutaneous implant given all CGM Militia, this is the only identifier outside rank pips.


Aside from the respect gained from living through operations, Black Collars receive no military honours, beyond the notches on their gauntlets from confirmed kills.

Combat Doctrine

Hard shock troops, BC's main goals are to awe and overwhelm. Fast insurgence, often by surprise (unless it's a Haven. We learned that lesson early on), BC's hit with the hardest ammunition and weaponry we can muster and have access to our preciously limited air support for incursions.

Slaughter wholesale.

Elite Training Program
Daily honing of the body, mind and squad tactics. Artillery & kinetic weaponry accuracy training. Hand to Hand. Long knife/Bladed Weapon Training. All training for the BC's take place in a classified training deck / facility called The Meggido Pits.
On-site training exercises in the former Canadian Arctic, Sahara & Gold Coast Rainforest.

Equipment and Gear
Oh, you poor sick fuck. The BC Panoply is so classified it hurts. You. It hurts you, not me. I know what's in it, and it's fierce.
Specialized Skills & Expertise
Dealing Death.
Sniper Skills.
Insurgence & Hostage Removal.
High Value Asset Protection
Shock & Awe.
Weapons Specializations (Ranged/Empty Hand/Bladed).
Explosives Expert (1/squad).

Operational Structure

BC's take orders from Gold Collars, and the few officers who remain within the Black Collar-wearing complement. Individual units consist of 18 squadies with 2 leads, but some dependent on attrition or necessity will be sent out as smaller groups of 6 - 10. Squaddies and Leads are usually Enlisted, a few Leads upgrade to the Officer Program, but it's rare they live that long, and leave the prestige of future Chief Petty Officer / Staff Sergeant dreams.
Unit Roles
Lead & Second: The Squad Lead and their Second (usually the Comms expert) give orders meant to be followed or followed up with a bullet in the back of a brainstem.
Sniper Set: A duo who focus on sniping long distance targets & recon.
Explosives: Pyromaniacs with Gunpowder Stockpiles.
Squadies: Generalized soldiers capable of maximum violence & impact.
Scrounger: They can find anything, given the chance.

Recruitment and Selection Process

Got a death wish? Want to repay debts too far gone, or deke from a prison sentence? Welcome to the Black Collars. If, that is, you survive basic training and your prospectus with all your limbs. Afterward? We'll graft new ones. For the most part two groups join: The desperate, or delusioned.

One doesn't enter the BC's by a sign on the dotted line. An entrant is interrogated, the sins of their lives exposed before a panel until they're laid vulnerable and aware. We know all. We are the only option left. Win or get in.

Max Allard

What about the rumour anyone caught going against the company line gets shoved in the BC's? One last scrappy chance to make good?

That's ridiculous! The military criminals and down and outers are shoved in the Infantry. You'd be screwed. So listen and let it sink in before I hand you a rifle and say walk. BC's need to believe in the Conglom in order to do what they do.

Training Facilities

The Meggido Pit

Each base and ship where BC's serve have blacked out sections called Meggido Pits. Inside are training gyms, the bespoke armouries, interrogation cells and BC bunks. Some Pits are a section of deck, others are entire facilities on the outer edge of the Bases. Weapons ranges, the whole shebang. Not a BC? You're not going in, unless you're about to get interrogated and kept in a cell.

Notable Operations

The Flag War
Control Day
The Asset Project
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