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This article is about the city-state of Valana. For specifically the city of Valana click here.   Valana is a city-state with over 50,000 people in the city proper and six that across its territory as a whole. The city itself is located on a bluff jutting out into the Pearlgulf, extending down it to the coast and to the Shelny River. Valana is ruled by the Crestbluff family and has a noble class with 12 major noble families.   The kingdom of Valana covers an area of 7850 square miles. Of this, 27% (2139 sq. miles) is arable land, and 72% (5710 sq. miles) is wilderness.
Geopolitical, City-state
Government System
Monarchy, Crowned Republic
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Standard (Golden Suns, Silver Moons, Copper Stars), when new coins are made the reverse uses the current King or Queen's face

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