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Session 3: Sephira Salthook and the Tor at High Tower

General Summary

Ebonwich and the Sea Hag

  Malach, his family, and the Ravenhand Pirates arrived in Ebonwich. There Malach met Houlac Onyxbeard, Griffin "Tower"'s immediate boss, and was advised that he'd be a good ally against Captain Eldon. Malach got his family settled in the same housing the sick were in, to stay close to Houlac Onyxbeard, then went with Captain Eldon and Griffin "Tower" to meet the sea hag Sephira "Crab Sucker" Salthook and discuss the terms of healing Captain Trem Phoenixwinds.   The trio approached the hag's abode in a cove calling out to her, then were summarily surprised by her appearing directly behind them. Malach remained stoic and began conversing with her while Captain Eldon and Griffin "Tower" shook with fear. Sephira "Crab Sucker" Salthook specified that she would need the Vargouille, the monster that inflicted the Unknown Magical Effect - Ravenhand Pirates upon Captain Trem Phoenixwinds and other crew members, captured alive to use in creating a cure and would also require some amount of payment, something of special interest or value.   At some point Sephira "Crab Sucker" Salthook took note of the Mark of the Deep One on Malach, despite it not being visible. Following this she offered to cure Captain Trem Phoenixwinds on the spot, no Vargouille needed, and in return she requested Malach to procreate with her. After being rejected she promised him that he would most definitely enjoy it, and changed her form multiple times to various beautiful women, several unknown, then women that he did know that traveled with him, and finally making one last offer in his sister Caithyra's form. Malach noticed that these were not simple illusions, but that it was her actual body that changed, an oddity based on what he had heard about sea hags during his time as a shipwright, and also that in all of her forms the white scar on her right forearm remained. Malach declined again, this time referring to his patron as an excuse. When requesting advice on capturing the Vargouille alive, Sephira "Crab Sucker" Salthook told him it would like meat, especially if brought alive, then provided him with a cage that she promised would quell its screams.   On the return trek Malach stopped to commune with his patron and also found a sickly wolf that he befriended and got to follow him. He made plans with Griffin "Tower" and Houlac Onyxbeard to hunt some wild hogs and to capture 1 young hog alive. The pirates spent a day doing this while Malach made sure his family was settled in and did his own preparations. Throughout the day and evening he began to subtly direct the deck crew, improving their lifestyle, and empowering them, undermining Captain Eldon ever so slightly. That night he requested Houlac Onyxbeard and the crews help with capturing the Vargouille, but they were still very traumatized and apprehensive and agreed to do just fringe activities and refused to enter the complex again.   The next day as they were preparing to set off to the Tor, Malach caught Caithyra who had snuck on board the Winddrift and procured armor and weapons from Houlac Onyxbeard, a fast friend. Malach convinced her to remain in Ebonwich with the others and that he would be fine.  

The Tor at Hightower

  At the tor Malach sought to bait out the vargouille with the young boar as bait, but instead it drew the attention of 2 hobgoblins who spotted him. Malach was able to dispatch them with the help of his wolf and then laid low until the vargouille came to feed on the hobgoblins. While he was eventually able to subdue and capture the vargouille with a net and cage, it was not before he himself had received the same kiss that Captain Trem Phoenixwinds had. He then followed the vision given to him by his patron, leading him to a chest containing various treasures. He then began his egress but was accosted by monstrous spider, jumping his wolf and apparently pumping poison into its body. They killed the spider, then were able to meet back with the crew and board the Winddrift.

Rewards Granted

2 fine quality white pearls (100 gp each)
1 high quality pearl (value/properties unknown; Pearl of Power)
good quality leather belt with arcane markings (value/properties unknown; Lifting Belt)
coin purse (containing 100gp)
studded leather armor (nonmagical/ordinary)

Missions/Quests Completed

Character(s) interacted with

Created Content

Sephira "Crab Sucker" Salthook
  The Tor at High Tower


Session length: ~4 hours
In game time: 3 days
LWP & The Rise of Faerova
Report Date
24 Jan 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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