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Sulits are humanoid creatures known for being very beautiful. As the elven people the suites are athletic built and have the faces of royal beauty. The sulits are even more athletic built than the elves and while the elves are elegant the sulits generally have quite a bit of muscleness over them.   They are generally the same height as humans and live as long.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Eggs are incubated for 1 week before they hatch.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

East Asian (See sub-species).

Gender Ideals

Due to the nature of their romantic relationships all Sulites are exprected to work and be masters of their own life.   The ideals differs from sub-species: Sapphire Ideals for Sulit males are strength of body and will of power. They are farmers, politicians and warriors. They are also often the ones that take cares of the family.   Sapphire females are the thinkers and feelers. They are the war planners and, good friends and teachers. Female ideals are high ranking strategic positions within the military, having a good social status (connected to goodness) and good persuasion.   The physical ideals are greatly connected to the Sulites gemstone and horns.   Sapphire: The right amount of curvature if the horns. The longer the better. The shibierbthe skin the better. Shall look as gem as possible.

Relationship Ideals

Sulits do not have an ideal romantic relationship. Romantic relationships generally lasts some year before both parts moves over to a new partner. Relationships between true siblings are quite uncommon but not to rare with half-siblings.   Instead of valueing romantic relationships family bonds are very strong.
4 Sulits
90 years

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