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Rift Abomination

Rift Abominations are a group of creatures. They crawl up from beneath Lavera and an infection in the world, created by the teared arcane weave between Lavera and Eudoria. Their sole goal is to consume, multiply and destroy which is the reason the 4 Elemental Dragons set out to battle them.   One problem is that they slowly regain life, even after struck down, unless damaged by crystal weapons.  



Abominated Beasts


Abominated Dragons


Abominated Beholderkin


Abominated Humanoids


Abominated Wraith


Deep Rift

A deep rift is a deep cave or rift into the ground where rift abominations come from. The further down one comes. the more dangerous it becomes.  


  Abominatied Beasts   Abominated Dragons   Abominated Beholderkin  

Puzzle Mechanics

There are some certain puzzle mechanics that come into play in these Rifts.   Teleportation: limited teleportation is possible within the rifts. The teleportation is connected to some abominations ability to teleport.   Elemental Pearls: as the abominations consume elemental pearls they are a perfect distraction.   Variation in the Magic Fields: at some places magic stops working and at others it is stronger. This makes some things more difficult. Movement based on on magical flight is for example very dangerous as one might suddenly plummet and die.   Magical Darkness: one might find areas of magical darkness, silence and other removal from other senses down here.

Basic Information


Rift abominations vary in type and there is not one specific trait that will true to all of them. But there is a number of traits which are common among Rift Abominations. A Rift Abomination is discerned by having a number of those traits. Rift Abominations often look animal-like, ranging from variations on existing animals to a mix of different animals. Those not falling in this category mainly resemles aberrations or elementals. Mixes between animals, aberrations and elementals are also common. They generally have black eyes with purple iris. In some cases the fur is also black, either fully or in lightning patterns. They almost always have glimmering purple blood. While generally deep purple it is sometimes more pink or red in colour.   They vary from elemental creatures to horrific aberattions, often being something in between. Examples are Mephits, Xorn, Elemental Bulette, Roper, Elemental Roper. Among the most dangerous is the Gauth and its elemental versions.

Biological Traits

Even tho they are magical and elemental in nature all Rift Abominations needs to breath one way or another. Most common is abominations breathing oxygen from the air but amphibeous Abominations and those breathing other gases do also exist. Many breath with their mouths but taking in oxygen directly via the skin or absorbing it with living fire is also options. Breathed poisons generally affect Rift Abominations.   Vulnerable to gemstones through wounds which have caused those who fight these creatures using gems in their weapons.   Some of them may communicate with the dead and are sometimes seen growling at corpses.   Some of them have a limited ability to teleport themself.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Rift abominations may gain nutrients and energy from pretty much anything. They eat both vegatable, flesh and even inanimate material as mud and gems. They also consume Elemental Pearls and drain magic from the Ether. The balance of these sources is different for different Rift Abominations but as a rule those looking more like animals eat things that animals would eat while the elemental like Abominations prefer magic and inanimate materials.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Generally have black eyes with purple irises.

Average Intelligence

Their intellect are often like the average animal. Most of them are very aggressive.
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
They sometimes have lightning patterns of black fur or skin.

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