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Mianech Gean

Mianech Gean (meaning Mine White) is an elven quarry town in the western part of the Evergreen Forest. Going through the town is a river. A couple of hundred meters downstream the river runs through a large area of limestone. That limestone is the main source of the towns income as it is exported quite far.   With to much limestone around the river being mined out the river was disturbed. Aqueducts were made to return the water flow to its normal state while allowing for mining out even more limestone.


The city is defended from bandits and smaller attacks by its limestone walls, enchanted with magic to make it harder to climb or destroy. Around the wall is also enchanted stones which light up brightly whenever something moves near them, making it harder to sneak in at night.   To defend themselves and their riches from real battles they have created four Limestone Golems. They are quite similar to common Stone Golems but are a bit easier to break while having the ability to throw thunder bolts at enemies.


A number of waterwheels have been built along the river, being the towns largest source of energy. In the western edge of the town lies Niamriats Towers, a number of blast furnaces and accompanying building, once built by the merchant Niamriat. The furnaces are used to melt down metals which with the years also were begun to be mined in the city.

Guilds and Factions

There are four major faction in Mianech Gean: The Niamriat Guild, The Miners Guild, The Limestone Merchants and The Deep Elves   The Niamriat Guild focuses on mining metal ores, process and sell it. They often sell their Limestone to the Limestone Merchants and have worked with them multiple times to close deals.   The Miners Guild sees themselves as the original miners of the town and are very proud of it. They are the largest of the four factions alone, but as they almost never cooperates with others they often have the least influence of the four. They mine, and sells their materials themselves. Metal ore is sold raw.   The Limestone Merchants have some mining operations of their own but heavily relies on buying Limestone from The Deep Elves.   The Deep Elves are purely mining and sell what they mine to either the Limestone Merchants, or in some occasions, ores to the Niamriat Guild.


While Mianech Gean was initially an industrial town. With time its job opportunities and wealth attracted people from far away. With merchants traveling to and from the city and talking about its beautiful limestone aqueducts it also became a destination for elven travelers. It is not uncommon to also find a few human tourists from the Lands of Academia visiting.
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