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Funeral:   Traditionally before Ishraktar : Burn bodies with weapons. If weapons survives it is said to be a good weapon. One weapon is said to be burnt 1000 times and still works (legendary weapon)

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

They are as intelligent as humans but their impatience and chaoticness may trick most other speciess into believing goblins are stupid. It is also a question about how to use their intellect. While many other species has used their intellect to build grand empires goblins do not crave what is grand but just their own survival. To ensure their survival they build traps, arrenge strategic guerilla attacks and create weird weapons using their goblin minds.

Civilization and Culture

Common Myths and Legends

Deities:   Blood Panteon (Started with the Years of Fear and but have since then declined to a point of ca 10% of goblin communities having this pantheon.) Bone Lord (Ishraktar / Sha'el-O'maga) Lady of Blood - Seen as the one to give power in that blood is power and women bleed. Thought of as family/consort to The Bone Lord. The Shining Torturer of Sky (The Saviour seen as an evil anti-God) The Shining Death of Sky ( The Guardian Dragon of Earth seen as an evil anti-God)     The Five Goblin Pantheon (Most common in the time before the Years of Fear) Dorgur Stonefeet - A sturdy Goblin with bravery and strength. Alli-Elli Flameeye - A fierce Goblin burning for revenge. Muggdugg Skysprinter - A stealthy Goblin with fleet of foot. Audao Rivertounge - A trickster Goblin luring fish to the plate with songs. Gurm Skinstripped - A dispicefull Goblin of death. Tortures all dead goblins and reason why all goblins of this pantheon fear death.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most common is the goblins with a grayish green skin living in all of Lavera.   The orange skinned goblins are bulkier than their grayish counterpart and generally live in the forests of Elvenhomn.   In the island group The Teeth goblins with birght green skin live. They are quick of foot and good climbers.

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