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Lantartia is the land where it all comes together; where epic meets sense.

Its cosmoverse is composed of a multitude of universes, crafted to allow magic to feel and be as colorful and real as the air you are breathing in. While still coexisting harmoniously with more historical fantasy troupes, like the classical valiant knight and the castles they stem from.
This original setting is inspired by a diverse array of the best of fantasy literature, as well as films, series and videogame sources.
Out of profound admiration to those sources and D&D, Lantartia is designed to support high fantasy narratives like those the spells, monsters and planar lores imply. Since the settings foundations emerged from the themes and history of Dungeons & Dragons and the play culture across its editions itself.
Coherence between rules, lore and iconic elements of the game are knitted into a tight tapestry of epic experience for campaigns in any play tier. All styles of stories and play are welcomed, taken into account and tested. All to enable fulfilling moments for all tastes; from lore seekers to smash hitters to social delvers.

Four Pillars of Balance

To insure all this while maintaining the essence of the D&D and fantasy baggage, the following authoring tool is fundamental.
It permits the analytically testing and resolution of imbalances both new or long inherited in any axis of play. This not only assures the harmony between the mystical (like magic and psionics) with the mundane formidable prowess (as epitomized by warriors and technopunk savants) of stable and niche fantasy cultures alike; but also protects against obvious, but poor or simplistic solutions,such as an all magic and mages’ world, no or very low supernatural elements and other easy to achieve cliched extremes.
Lantartia settles sceneries and content contradictions while elegantly safekeeping the treasured building blocks we cherish on the genre. Holding archetypes like powerful clerics, wrath wielding druids, untouchable monks and savagely inspiring barbarians close to the heart, so they still make sense in a cosmoverse full of walled castles and their machiculated towers, ruined dungeons, weird flora and fauna and, of course: dragons!

What about dragons?
They are more than a staple in fantasy or D&D. In Lantartia the unique awesomeness of the draconic people is developed to the next step. Dragons are presented in a deeper and more complex frame than as paths of destruction or salvation, treasure hoarding and elemental and moral expressions on a deterministic scale.
Lantartian dragons are diverse; biologically and in their rich cultures. Existing in several shapes, sizes and colors within different clan lineages, as well as unique individuals, don’t “just” admire dragons. Play them!   Or play one of the 46+ species and sub species within a wide variety of interlocked cultures, developed in a way that matter to your character and to you as much as your character(s) classes do. If not more.

Immerse yourself into this seasoned reality, that leads beyond backgrounds, rule loaded classes and the thin slit of light shined from a “spectrum” of species made of moderately varied bodies’ and ears’ sizes... Reach into a plethora of widely reimagined and uniquely manifested peoples!
Go further than any fantasy world could fathom to cope with. Even if put together.

That’s Lantartia. Come and observe. Try and see. Play

and be!