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Dabud iago

Godhood: Lesser god (Neutral Good).

Holy symbol:
A tree with gleaming leaves, usually drawn on a white or light yellow field.

Astroanimism, Braslakk Tribalism, (Farallonic) Druidism, Na’arvian (Druidism), Nukkula Watery Cults, Rudrarcanism Sword of Hope Sect, Tir na Rapur, Tleyotlzotum.

Life, nature, plants, magic, safety, nurture, protection, wisdom, travels, civilization, food, eldritch secrets.

Typical followers:
Arborents, fey, druids, awakened plants and beasts, rangers, lore seekers, scholars, priests of ancient peoples, travelers.

Circle of Dreams, Circle of Gardens, Circle of Shamans, Circle of Spores, Circle of Stars, Circle of the Land, Circle of the Moon, Circle of the Shepherd, Fertility, Life, Light, Oath of the Ancients, Oath of Redemption,Peace, Nature, Water.

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