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Yincar (Shadowed Elves)

There are three reasons for why the Yincar is probably the most secretive race of Lantartia: they were created by the remote authoritarian Empire of Nol, lead by the ill reputed Nolcar humans and very few can claim to have met them deep into Nolcarian lands and still be alive or free; the rumored Shadowed Elves are a new race barely 200 years old. Little is known of them with the exception that they can move and be stealthy like no other. Even the tiniest of furtive races can have trouble competing with them on this.
Yincar are distinctively feline, with pointed ears, small pointy fangs and a dark, usually black, bluish or purplish velvet like fur. Their relative long and slender limbs are very flexible and end in three fingers. On the feet, two of those fingers face forward on their elongated foot and the toe is higher up and short, but all of them along their palms and soles have soft pads that make them very silent and able to hang to walls and ceilings alike.
They exhibit few elven traits like a fine physique or a melancholy longing for better forgotten ages. This is said to come from the blood used to stabilize the horrific necromantic and alchemical experiments that originated the Yincar during their total enslavement. This included hybridization with mystical beasts and monsters. Although rumors abound in suggestions of which beasts were involved, the only consistency between all such tales is that displacer beasts were used. It’s uncertain how many Yincar exist and if all are free.

Profile Highlights:
(Humanoid, Yincar, Elf)

Psychic: teleporting;
Tortured origin;

600 (speculated)


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