The Queen's Heart

In honor and memory of my wife, Queen Andrea of Preit, who poured herself into such a great vessel, I name thee "The Queen's Heart".
— King Uliann of Niln at the ships naming

Queen Andrea of Preit was many things, wife to a king, daughter of a pauper, fighter for the downtrodden, but at heart she always remained a sailor from when she first went out to sea.

She used her experience at sea and at port to design smaller ships, which is how she got in contact with King Uliann. After Andrea had married into royalty she continued to design ships and oversea their construction.

She worked on her final ship for a year, but sadly she passed away mere days before it would be finished. It was launched with much fanfare as a tribute and hours later it sailed on its maiden voyage to provide a burial at sea.

Over the coming decades the Queen's Heart became the pride of the navy. Fast, agile and able to carry a great load it was the best ship on the open water.

It won many battles, always carrying the soldiers onboard into the fray, and never letting them down.

However, when King Uliann of Niln died she left behind no heir and in the power struggle that followed the Queen's Heart, along with much of the navy, was ignored by most.

The one group of people who never forgot what the ship was about were its sailors who did their best to maintain it. When they ran out of resources they began doing work for hire, even if it was just to transport goods.

This practice left a bitter taste in the sailors mouth, but they had no other options. Eventually stories of its forgotten glory lodged itself into the minds and soon few used the original name.

Forgotten Glory


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23 Sep, 2021 19:06

Such a tragic history for a beautiful ship. What a great read!   I would love to imagine what the ship really looks like; what sails did she have, what material was she made of. What allowed her to carry a high load, while still being fast and agile. Just things I'm wondering. ^^   Keep up the good work! :D

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28 Sep, 2021 20:26

Great intro that definitely stirs the imagination. even if you dont want to make a map it would be nice to have a length and beam of the ship. I fully understand burnout, but i do wish that there was a little more about the ship, or the crew.   It speaks very highly of your writing that it leaves the reader wanting to learn more. great job.

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