KingSLayer Penora Ianara (a.k.a. Penny/Nora) (She/Her)

I'm sure we can come to a pleasurable arrangement.
— Penora negotiating

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

  • A ten stringed lute
  • A pouch containing a bunch of vials with various poisons
  • A flowing red dress that can be tied up and changed to reveal various amounts of skin, always pushing the line of what is appropriate
  • Clips, hairpins and similar that can be used in interesting ways
  • Mental characteristics


    Penora has received very little in terms of formal education, three months studying under Romeo Guille, a famous lute player. However she has learned a lot from those around her.

    In her earlier years she improved her speaking skills by practicing with story tellers that came to town, or by trying to convince her friends of things, seing what she could get away with.

    When she was introduced to the Blood Red Roses she quickly learned many miscellaneous skills, such as basic lockpicking, fingerskills to poison people without getting caught and basic training in weapons and other assassins tools.

    Accomplishments & Achievements

    Penoras most well known achievement is the time she seduced two kings at the same ball and then managed to join them in their bedchambers, one at a time, where she proceeded to kill them both.

    For this she became known as the KingSLayer, a title she has worn with pride, at least in private.

    She has also become one of the best lute players and is using a ten stringed lute rather than a six stringed one. She rarely acompanies the lute with her vocals but in those rare times her voice has been described as warm and calming.

    Personality Characteristics

    Vices & Personality flaws

    Always in search for new company Penora rarely tries to maintain relationships for anything other than as a way to experience pleasure. Not that she needs to do so often, as her appeal and way with words she is able to persuade almost anyone to join her in bed, or sometimes in more exotic places than bed.


    Contacts & Relations

    Thanks to her long affiliation with the Blood Red Roses she has managed to create a large amount of contacts that she can leverage.

    These contacts encompass everything from good tailors to herbalists who she can get poisons from and all the way to some nobles who owe her assistance as payment.

    Family Ties

    She does not speak of her blood relations, but affectionately call the Blood Red Roses her family.

    Social Aptitude

    A silver tongue with a bit of wit makes Penora a presence in almost any circumstance and with a wink she can make people blush.

    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Presented Sex

    Penora will sleep with almost anyone of age, no matter gender, sex or ancestry.

    Wavy brown, down to the shoulder blades, partially tied up
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Medium with red undertones
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    Tell his wife that he certainly knows how to perform in bed, and also that the Blood Red Roses have sent their best wishes.
    — Penora before escaping
    Aligned Organization
    Character Prototype


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