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"Of the Quai, to the People"


This document, recorded immediately upon the abandonment of the Tara-Jhen by the deity known as the Quai, states the threat asserted byArniel Kane at the same time. Capable of communicating with all who affiliated with the Quai, Kane delivered this message unto them telepathically. It was moments later that their connection to the deity was severed, so began the era changing crisis known as The Silence.  

Shaking a Culture

While history told tales of the Tara-Jhen losing connection to the Quai in favor of other species, these were millennia old. There was no expectation that these stories were truth (though it was still used as the justification for Kaban slavery), much less did anyone expect that a species could be abandoned in favor of one individual. Luckily, by the end of the conflict, Kane was defeated and the Quai begrudgingly returned to the Tara-Jhen. When the population came to know that their deity was not in fact stolen, but chose to abandon them, it shattered the culture. While it is still in recovery and the population has begun shifting away from the behaviors that made the god leave them in the first place, many have developed a deep disillusionment for what they considered an all loving god. Matters were only made worse when the city of Augur's End became Newmot and the human government began assimilating the free peoples of Mot D'nir, a fate which Kane had sworn to prevent.
Statement, Political (Manifesto)


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