1565 AC

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Time is an eternal change. As worlds fall to ruin and fade away from existence, new ones appear out of their ashes. Countless entities mortals call their gods vie for control over the universe's entirety, driven out of their sense of ambition and need for control, though some act on more genuine, heartfelt emotions than others.   Long ago, these gods were once united under one supreme being, he who was known as The Cosmigod and no other name. This was considered the Pre-Ancient Times. However, with the ever growing populations of gods and goddesses one such god, Ugeroth, began instilling lies and false temptations in an effort to gather more control and authority than the Cosmigod himself. Such treacherous actions led to the division between the gods who began arguing over one another, and soon to the Cosmigod himself. Each deity, now hungry for their own sense of power rebuked the Cosmigod and scattered; this event has since been deemed the Great Divergence.   Long after, newly born worlds filled with rich lands and dazzling minerals caught the attention of many deities that now lied scattered across the universe, Driven by opportunity, these gods flocked to these planets in an effort to claim control over whatever lands they could.   Those worlds were destroyed. Gods waged countless wars against one another. The universe sustained so much damage in their lust that in this present day, only one world remains.   This planet, birthed long after the gods' bloodshed began, was more alive than the rest. It fostered more life than the rest, held more buried riches than the rest. It was more powerful than the rest. This world is called Kustaanos. It was unlike the rest before it. Would this last world be where things changed for the better?   Or would it be the final casualty in the gods' chaos over the universe?
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  This world is themed after the lore of Wizard of the Coast's, 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Everything written here is only meant to be in fun use of the imagination. All art is owned by and credited to their respective artists, and will never be used in any way profitable aside from a fun take on it.