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The people of the Nefadric Empire, the Nefadrim.


Major language groups and dialects

The offical language of the Nefadric Empire is thier very own language, nefadric.  

The Nefadric Language

Two major branches of the language exist: High Nefadric and Low Nefadric.  
High Nefadric
High nefadric is the very sophisticated and formal language used within the Imperial Courts, on offical documents and letters, durring religious service and when praying and even in day to day life by the upper classes of the Nefadric Empire.  
Low Nefadric
In contrast low nefadric is a more simple language used by the commoners. While it is certainly less refiend than high nefadric, it is far from brutish, in fact even low nefadric is as a language quite advanced, as litteracy and a basic degree of education is attained by a good portion of imperial citizens.  

Other languages

Other languages are also spoken within the Nefadric Empire, especialy the native racial tounges are often used among. While the Common Tounge is widely spoken through out the Nefadric Empire, it is usually only used while interacting with people that are not versed in the nefadric language, such as foreigners.

Shared customary codes and values

Full citizenship is only granted by the completion of public or military service to the empire. It is seen as the duty of every nefadrim to protect thier family and the empire, aswell as serve the emperor. It is custom that children are taught how to handle a weapon from a young age, because adults are generally required, by law, to able to serve the local guard or milita. This most often means being able to wield a spear, sometimes a sword and to competently shoot a bow or a crossbow up to a certain distance. Local legislation varries, being the most strict in border territories, areas near damned forrests and in, aswell as arround, large cities.
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