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Imperial Coins

Imperial Coins are the offical currency of the nefadric empire and despite the advent of paper money are still legal tender.

Common Denominations


Copper Coin

The imperial copper coin is a tiny triangular copper plate with fine serrations along it's edges and a central hole, so that it can be bound to a string. It depicts a local landscape of the mint region.

Gold Coin

The imperial gold coin is a tiny hexagonal gold plate with fine serrations but unlike smaller denominations without a central hole. Commonly these gold coins are called a 'crown', since they bear the crest of the kingdom they were minted in.

Silver Coin

The imperial silver coin is a tiny square silver plate, slightly larger than a copper coin but with the same features. It is often called a 'skull' by Nefadrim, due to it's printing with humanoid skulls.

Platin Coin

The imperial platin coin is a tiny round platin plate, it has the same features as a gold coin. Due to it's high value it isn't nearly as unbuquitous as the other coins.

Special Denominations


Electrum Coin

The imperial electrum coin is a pentagonal electrum plate, featureing a noteable settelement of the mint region.

Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins are octagonal gold coins, usually dedicated to a major event of nefadric history.
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