The Divers

The Divers were formed with hard work and word of mouth amongst some of the Scavanger. Through sharing information with others and the desire to work more efficiently. The Divers formed 2 settlements on the outside of Drop City. These settlements were Gruuns and Gruuns Stack. The main settlement was named after the leader of the divers, when it was first founded. The Divers had the idea that it was much easier to move items from Drop City when they had somewhere nearby to move it to. Thus, the main Gruuns settlement was formed. Scavanger that were apart of the Divers were allowed to create their own shelters in Gruuns. Thus, using this as a base of operations. Gruuns Stack came out of the need to trade. Those who became more familiar with Drop City were able to bring out common goods from the heap, what was not needed at Gruuns, was moved to the second settlement, giving it's name, the stack. From here, when people would wonder to Drop City, they had easy more readily available options to trade for at Gruuns Stack.   While the Divers do acknowledge a leader amongst them at one point, the divers really formed out of a need to optimize their craft. These Scavangers took what they did seriously, and most quite enjoyed diving into the piles of scrap at Drop City.



  • Gruuns Mushroom Pub
Information Network
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