In the grand scheme of things. Everyone in Korth really is a scavenger at their core. This is simply the nature of the land. However there are those that make it a specialty. Working for groups, or individuals to locate or bring back specific materials. Where it be food, batteries, cloth, specific parts, fuel, ext. There is no limits to what a good scavenger may be able to find for you. Most scavengers work in teams, able to trade knowledge of specific areas. Where certain things may be found, What seemed to be in the latest drop, who is searching for what, and the value of some items as well.



Anyone can be a scavanger. There is a very large knowledge and skill gap between those scavenging to survive, and those scavenging to thrive.

Career Progression

There are different levels of scavengers. Most scavengers work in teams, called outfits. They may work for a boss, or settlement as a whole. There are some scavengers whose purpose is simply to map out key areas and share this knowledge with others. Other scavengers called runners, specialize in Drop Day recovery. Often these runners will be accompanied by several armed guards, as Drop Day is key for new resources. You never know what the next Drop Day will bring.

Payment & Reimbursement

Payment for scavengers vary greatly. Those who really know what they are doing, and dedicate themselves to this, can essentially find anything they need. Often Scavengers work for a settlement, to assist in protecting and restoring some form of community. While others are in the profession purely for their own benefit. Taking buy contracts from the highest bidder.

Other Benefits

Scavengers hold alot of knowledge. They know pathways better than most, they know key hide away locations, they know where large amounts of specific resources may be found. Often scavengers are looked up to. Those that are not brave enough, or strong enough often employ scavengers either full time, or part time for specific items.   Runners, especially those that really know Drop City, are often targeted by rival gangs and groups. But they are almost like superstars in their own communities. Sometimes famous across the land.
Alternative Names
Scav, Junk Divers, Runners, Rats
Raw Materials Gathering
Almost everyone has to be a scavenger at some point. Although good scavengers are in high demand. The best Runners are worth their weight in gold.


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