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Gruuns' Shroom Pub ("Grue-uhns")

Where a hard day of work, fades into night

Written by SlipperyJester

Gruuns' Pub, founded by Alfred, son of Gruun himself. This shack like pub is situated outside the ramshackle market known as Grunns Market . It is only several hundred feet of the main stretch of path leading from The Apex to Drop City.  
"Oh, c'mon! It'll soon be nightfall and I don't want to travel in the dark. We will have a great time! When was the last time we actually stopped to kick our feet up and relax? I saw you pick up those batteries earlier in the scrap. Surely they would make worthy payment. Have you even tried Barkwood Grog? It's incredible stuff, but be warned, I've heard it will put you down quick if you have too many!"
-Intrigued adventurer, beckoning his friend into the pub.
  Gruuns' Pub was quite an unusual structure to say the least. One could quickly see the hasty half-hearted design that took form into the building. Completely open facing the road, the southern wall was simply non-existent. Leaving the small pub open to all travelers to see. A few tables lay out across the main floor, and a work table towards the back wall. There was a fireplace that kept the entire room lit throughout the night, and a small door to the rear left open. The "kitchen" was not to be seen at all, as through the back door you could see clearly into the forest nestled behind. Around the corner however were two tents shared by the four that lived here, and tended to the meal preparation. Storing stocks of Giant Brown Mushroom, Greenspec Mushrooms,Common White Mushroom, and various fruits and vegetables. All their cooking was done on a rather simple campfire, it had a metal grate reaching across, making it quite easy to set down pots and pans.    
Gruuns Mushroom Pub
    The lack of meat available on Korth was no challenge to the survivors of this period. Giant Brown Mushroom were quickly used as a substitute. The main dish served at Gruuns' pub was simple and called "Two cuts and lumps ". A generous two slices of Giant Brown Mushroom cap, grilled on an open fire. Sprinkled with dry crumbled Greenspec Mushrooms to provide some spicy heat to the dish. Served with small chunked of boiled potatoes. While being a crude rustic meal, it was lavish compared to what the average traveler was used to. Combine this meal with Barkwood Grog, as many did, and morning came very quickly.  
One of the popular game amongst the Divers was called "Liar's Dice" This was played early on in the openings of Gruuns' Pub and quickly became a staple game of the bar. The rules as follows. (This was a common game and the rules were often shared verbally, seen here Liars Dice How-to-play)
  • Each Player has five, 6 side die. Numbered 1 through 6.
  • Each turn, players shuffle their dice in a mug, and place it face down on the table.
  • Players may only look at their own dice, and do not want others to view their rolls.
  • A 1 rolled on any dice count's as a wild, it can represent any dice number.
  • Youngest player goes first, declaring what ever they would like. "Example. I declare there are five 2s, in total."
  • The next player can choose to call a bluff, or continue on with their own declaration. Each declaration must be higher in sum to the last.
  • If a player calls a bluff, everyone reveals their dice for the turn, and it is determined who wins the round. If the liar is caught, they lose a dice, however if someone was called a liar and their statement was true, the player that called the bluff looses a dice.
  • This came is played until 1 player remains with dice.
A variation of Liar's Dice was often played as well as a group game. Keeping the same rules, although after a player loses one of their Dice, they must quickly chug down any remaining Barkwood Grog they have and acquire another. While this quickly lead to the end of the night for most participants, the legend of Jim was that he withstood 6 full games of this, "Liar's Dice with a Spice" before conceding to the powerful sedative. He lost a shoe and his shirt as he wondered aimlessly around outside the pub for hours. He was found the next morning clutching his shirt, sunken into the grass where he claimed rest for the night. Although his shoe was never seen again. While a funny tale told, it became a tradition amongst friends to double knot their shoes or boots before partaking in a long night of drinking here.
Map image used created by SlipperyJester with Inkarnate


  • Gruuns Mushroom Pub
Founding Date
3971 FD
Parent Location
Owning Organization

"Two Cuts and Lumps"


History of Gruuns' Shroom Pub

  The pub was founded by Alfred of The Divers, an organization that spend long hard days searching through the heroic sized scrap piles of Drop City. Exhausting themselves regardless of the weather to have something to bring home. Once home, they desired a place to gather round' in the dim light to share a meal and a drink. This Shanty of a pub was created shortly after the discovery of Barkwood Grog. One of the genius Foragers from The Combine came across a black liquid from the Barkwood Mushrooms. After attempting to consume it, he later noted it was far too potent alone. Although boiling it into water, it created a beverage with similar effects to alcohol. Ever since then it was highly sought after as a recreational drink. That's when the pub was formed. Mainly as a place for The Divers to come to after a long day in the scrap heap. However it was also positioned outside the Grunns Market on the main road. Often drawing in those that lost their time in Drop City, awaiting daylight to continue their journey.  

The Four Brothers

  Four Brothers made up the working staff at Gruuns' Shroom Pub. Ian being the oldest at 29, injured his leg while Scavenging at Drop City. It was settled after this point he would take ownership from Alfred, the founder. The four brothers would run the Pub from then on.   Ian - Tends exclusively to the cooking. Ian can be found every night behind the pub preparing meals. Often he will take up a few mugs of Barkwood Grog while cooking, although he is well accustomed to the effects.   Liam - Second eldest, Liam takes on the accounting role. He ensures that customers are making fair trade for the meals. He also makes sure there are enough provisions to last through the night.   Sam - Sam handles the indoor duties. Once a fair trade is made, Sam works with Fred and Ian to make sure the meal makes it to the customer. He is also responsible for serving drinks.   Fred - The youngest, but having worked as a Hauler to bring in extra money for the family during his early years, Fred ensures each night runs smoothly. Any customers who get too rowdy or aggressive have Fred to deal with. Although this is a rare occurrence as so many enjoy this place, as almost a second home.

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Mar 17, 2022 14:52 by Mikael Jokela

I really enjoy that you have a little tutorial on liar's dice! It really is an underestimated tavern-game in my opinion. Can bring right tension and joy to different situations. I used a recipe in my tavern entry too, but gave it a real life-equilevant on how to cook it. I am curious, could you in real life cook Two Cuts and Lumps?

Mar 17, 2022 15:36

Thanks for your kind words and feedback! While Two Cuts and Lumps, uses a a few fictional mushrooms in it's dish. It is inspired by real life equivalents. The two cuts of large mushroom, in the Pub of Gruun are cut from giant mushrooms standing on average 4 feet tall. Cutting them down to manageable portions, and grilled like steaks, they would largely resemble a fire grilled Portobello mushroom steak. The potatoes are simply boiled with common white mushrooms, almost identical to real world button mushrooms.

Mar 25, 2022 10:02 by Mikael Jokela

Ooh, I see you have added an interactable map! A really nice touch!

Mar 25, 2022 12:16

Hieronymus Blaze mentioned in a comment, to maybe try to add a map legend, this seemed to be the easiest way for me to do so. It also served to break up the text all a bit. Thanks for taking another look!

Mar 17, 2022 17:21 by Darren McHaffie

Good read that. Like the other comment, liked the idea of the dice game. Gives it, along with using the mushrooms, something to make it a tad different than most. One wee bit just to point out, the third paragraph, the part 'was no challenged', think it should be 'was no challenge'. Easily done and up to yourself whether to change or not. Still, an enjoyable read.

Mar 17, 2022 17:35

Thank you so much! Comments like this fuel my fire to keep going! Also, I thank you for pointing out my silly mistake. I often get caught up in spewing my ideas out as fast as I can before they escape me and I often can overlook simple mistakes when spell check fails me.

Mar 17, 2022 17:46 by Darren McHaffie

I do the same. Habit of doing school boy spelling errors or hitting more than one key at a time.

Mar 17, 2022 20:47 by Michael Chandra

A crude pub, a crude meal, but it sounds like a nice place to drop by when you're in those parts. And I love Liar's Dice, even though I suck at it. XD

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
Mar 17, 2022 20:53

Exactly! Similar to going camping, sometimes crude can be beautiful! Thanks for stopping by for a read!

Mar 18, 2022 09:01

A lot of nice concepts here to support a world. Nice header "map." Perhaps a brief legend to it would be good? A good start!
Mar 18, 2022 12:04

Thank you! I have seen far too many maps at this point, with legends, that I'm not sure why I didn't consider doing one for my map. I'll have to see what I can work out.

Mar 18, 2022 13:04

Ah I see you also used inkarnate :) You really managed to give us a feel that it is indeed a crude tavern with that srange open end. Is there a reason as to why no wall was actually put there?   Also the dice game was a fun addition!

Feel free to check my new world Terra Occidentalis if you want to see what I am up to!
Mar 18, 2022 13:14

Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look and give some feedback! The main reason no wall was put there really was for 2 reasons. One, to keep a crude appeal to the structure, being more of a shelter, than a full traditional building. Two, inspiration came from an open market stall. Just on a large scale. Open market front's draw people in by allowing them to see everything going on, I figured I would try that on this Pub too.

Mar 18, 2022 14:56 by Racussa

I like the idea of this easy accesable Tavern, beneath the trees. The possiblity to watch the cooks and the serving personal finishing your meals is also very good idea!

The world is not enough.
Mar 18, 2022 15:00

Thank you for your kind words!

Mar 18, 2022 17:10 by Darren McHaffie

Me likey. Like the idea of having the four brothers as the staff on one side. Nice touch.

Mar 18, 2022 17:18

Thanks for giving it another look! I really appreciate the feedback!

Mar 22, 2022 12:47 by Soulwing

Liar‘s dice remembered me of a game my pals and I usually play, but with two dice and bluffing in the round, 1&2 was the highest. We played it as a drinking game ^^   I really like the structure and content of your pub, would definitely take a pit-stop there to try out the mushroom slice.

Creator, artist and writer of the science fantasy world Kingsmaker.
Mar 22, 2022 13:08

Thank you so much for stoping by and taking the time to comment! I heard of liars dice long ago, and while being honest, I have never played and I may have gotten the rules a bit off. I wanted to avoid looking them up and try to recreate it, as I did not mind if it was a 100% match to the real game.   Cheers friend!- All Hail the Divine Basknut