Arrival Celebration

It became known that groups would gather crews and travel to The Apex  specifically the Keepers . They made it very apparent that surviving was much easier in groups. The combine excelled in recruiting new members at the Celebration, valuing the diversity of people that came in.   The Arrival Celebration, is not always a happy event though, having to travel, and leave the safety of encampments often brought stress. The Keepers  shortly had competition, from the The Shaders . They showed up in large numbers, armed to the teeth. Due to past experiences with them, you never knew what to expect. Some of the new arrivals did not take to the kind hospitality Keepers  tried to offer. They were on edge as it was, some saw The Shaders as a more suited tribe to protect them.


New Arrivals  was something that had continue to happen consistently. The number arrivals slowly dwindled throughout the years. During the early days, most people attempted to avoid others at all cost, especially those that were new to this place. They were to irrational and you never knew how their new found fate may lead them to react. Over time, as settlements began to form, it became crucial to bring in new members. As, there was saftey in numbers.   The Arrival Celebration created one thing, A sense of saftey. Although multiple groups arrived large in numbers, it was relatively peaceful because of this. The armed numbers helped prevent small tempers from getting out of hand, in fear of retaliation.


By 4005, it was very common to see several settlements arriving and setting up small camps the night before.


The Apex was a familiar area for everyone. This was one of the few locations that everyone had once been to. New arrivals always peeked the interest of the inhabitats. Even during the Dark Times, some would gather around the The Apex in hopes of seeing friends and relatives of the past, or even just a familar face. Friendships could quickly by made from trust. Although, lives could quickly be lost due to lack of trust.


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