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Thormar (Thor-Mar)


Thormar is a young archaeologist from the University of Hulwar and has finished their studies a few years ago. They came from Pisocenia and instead going to the scholars there, they decided to learn more about the world outside of Pisocenia.

Personal History

Why does one decides to leave the beautiful, dry and harsh desert of Pisocenia? Well, when you are poor, sometimes you don't have a choice and Thormar was one of the poor people. Their parents did everything they could, but everytime they got some money, something happened. And so Thormar ventured through the streets, mostly ragged and hungry, on the search for work, opportunities for a quick grab or a possibility to die. Nothing of that was sparse in the settlements in the desert and through a chain of theft, flight and stumbling they fell into the old city, basically a mix of abandoned houses and dripping pillars.
Thormar was flabbergasted by the wonders and the creatures lurking below the surface. They couldn't read the language inscribed in the pillars and some of the stone plates, so they ran back to their parents, grabbed money, food and clothes, saying a hasty goodbye before anyone could hold them back and they took the first Sandwalker Sledge out of the desert.

Life at the University

After a long and exhausting journey where they learned a lot of life and basic knowledge, Thormar arrived at the University. They passed the test and could muster the fee for admission and a new life began.
That they were non-binary and sometimes dressed more male or female was no problem, it didn't stir anything which was strange enough, because more often back home they were beaten for it. But not at the University, not at this place of learning. They even had a short relationship with an elf. Both sides of said elf and Thormar felt as finally someone understood them!
It was during one of their lessons when they met Gavín and his girlfriend Daena.

Friendship with Gavín & Daena

They were most of a study group at the beginning, but not before long they started to hang out more often, getting giggly drunk, sharing knowledge and some secrets and getting into serious trouble when they started to try new rituals or opening locked doors in the Underground of the University. Which was a deadly idea and they never did it again.
"We need more powerful spells for that." said Thormar grinning.
"Agreed." nodded Gavín.
"I'll get us some." snickered Daena and laid a finger on her lips. "Our little secret..."
— Three with the mind of one
Later on they started to learn for their exams and passed them. Daena married Gavín not long after and ventured on her own, while Gavín and Thormar studied different things and finally started to dig into the history of the bloodmages of the Longardir. Their capital of Oldrir had a strange fascination on both of them...


Thormar is a quiet person. Not that they are shy or anything, they don't like to talk more than necessary. They are more of a listener, a good reader with a keen eye for details or patterns and a sensitive lover.
Silent waters are deep and they know a lot of things, even in magic areas. They can't use magic on their own, but knowledge is never useless. So they carry at least two books with them, accompanied by two quills and three small inkjars.
Current Location

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14 Sep, 2023 13:35

Thormar is my type of person. Always bring books everywhere! :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
23 Sep, 2023 09:18

I love their quirkiness and the urge to learn. The love for knowledge is something I can relate to.   If they "cannot use magic on their own" do they play the role of "a wise one", who knows a lot and can connect facts and processes more easily? Besides being a compassionate friend, of course.   The way they left out on a journey, i.e., grabbing money, food and clothes from their parents and just leaving off was, when they were poor to begin with was a bit disturbing and cold (or maybe quite the opposite — in the heat of the moment?). What did happen whenever their parents had some money? The mysterious "something" opens a myriad of possibilities. :D Was it that they were stolen? One of the parents had to pay someone off because of debts? Was it an addiction?   The way Thormar left their home and that they arrived in the capital a sensitive person comes off as a sign of a strong character. I'd love to know more of their backstory and how it shaped them into the person Gavin and Daena have met.   Thank you for a great read, Eddie! It calmed and warmed me, and made me think, which is always a plus.

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6 Oct, 2023 10:56

Hello Ang. Thanks for reading and I answer the questions in the way they've came in. :)
1) Do they play the role as the "wise one"? - As wise as one can be at this age, yes. All three of them are nerds, but Thormar knows things more in-depth or in a broader spectrum.
  2) in the heat of the moment? - More of the legendary drop too much in the filled barrel. They thought it would be better for their parents too, a mouth to feed less.  
3)What did happen whenever their parents had some money? - Things happened. Clothing broke, parts at the house, sudden illness, sometimes stolen. Debts were seldom a topic, it was more of a life thing: "Oh, you saved some money? Here, have this urgent thing you need to spend money on it. Whoops, now you are back to Square One."

  No worries, people kept asking for more infos and stories, so I'm now developing a novel set with the three Pastwalkers. Haven't decided on the POVs, but I think all three of them would be nice. And thanks again for reading, it is good to hear that my articles give you peace and a good time. :)

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2 Oct, 2023 15:26

Now I want to read more about Thormars story. In which of your books do they appear?

Yours truly, Nino.
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In theory only in stories concerning Gavin and Daena, but people keep asking about all three, so I have to plot a novel, aye? Probably a novel around the Longardir and their city of Oldrir, the bloodmages. So a Dark Fantasy Archaeology book? Alright, coming in. :)

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