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Electorial Congregation


The Electorial Congregation is the organisation which is responsible for maintaining the defenses of the Black Fortress & the Winged Cut. They attend to meetings with the leaders of the different states, negotiate about resources in (terms of worthy warriors, mages, and other folks) and supplies, be it food or hard, earnest coins. This also means to negotiate with the three Merchant Guilds for supplies, trade routes, margins so the Electorial Congregation can supply both the Black Fortress and the Winged Cut.
This organisation is split into two large departments, each of them with their own organisation, sub-departments, leaders and only answering to a comittee consisting of all species. Namely they are the Black Fortress with their sentries and the Congregation of Approval.

Black Fortress (Sentries)

The Black Fortress and their Black Fortress Sentries (their soldiers, mostly referred to as Sentries) are the largest and only defense against the demons, beings, otherworldy inhabitants on the other side of the Spiral. Since the incident there is not a month without a larger attack; smaller groups of beings flow out of the Crimson Chamber (the Chamber at the bottom) and are decimated by the spears and stones thrown by the Winged Cut.
This department has the same name as the Black Fortress which is sometimes leading to confusion on tasks. So the employees of said department are mostly referred to as the "Black Ones". The entire department has one and only one goal: to keep the Black Fortress alive and fed. This monstrosity needs fresh arms, gold, food and drinks. It needs stone, it needs iron, it needs armour, it needs arrows and spears. And the Black Ones are making sure that this monster is fed and happy to keep the world safe from more demons.

Congregation of Approval

The department of the Congregation of Approval is an entirely different thing but it has the same goal as the Black Fortress department: keeping the Spiral in check.
To do that the Electorial Congregation made an announcement: every living being, be it a Dragonborn or a Garladan, an elf or a dwarf, Human or Orc, will be granted the title of a Mortal God when they survive the tests of the Congregation of Approval.
The only task of the Mortal God: to boldly go where no man - or Orc or Elf or Dwarf - has gone before: into the Spiral and lay waste to those who are threatening Koria. The title comes with priviliges: a monthly payment to be cashed at every Golden Hoard; a house or the coin equivalent of their choice when retiring and the same rights as royal messengers in the course of their duty.
The Congregation of Approval tests the applicants rigorously in magic, alchemy, combat, knowledge. If one can't use magic or alchemy and excels in any other test, the approve and the sigil are given. Any way to harm the enemy, to secure the future of Koria, is a good way. Even Scholars can become a Mortal God if they prove they are worthy of it.

The Price of Peace

The problem is, muscles and a few spells aren't enough to fight against beings which are basically demons and the living nightmares of every magic user (they are not the things behind the veil, but still nightmares). So the Electorial Congregation is working together with other forces to gather power. Resources. Helpful tools. One of them - amongst other freelancers - is the Inquisition. There are three Inquisitors who are secretly contracted with gathering artefacts and relics for the Congregation to supply the Black Fortress or specific Mortal Gods with everything which might help to bring destruction, death or salvation into the Spiral. There are rumours the Crystal Crown is considered to see the light of day again.
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