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Dwarven Brass Dye


  The Dwarven Brass Dye is an expensive dye crafted and manufactured only by Dwarves. They use the mushroom called "Red Blinder" (pronounced "Red Blinda") as the basis for the dye. The problem with the Red Blinder is that this particular mushroom is pretty rare and with its spicy taste a much sought after ingredient, especially for the Dumpling Exchange.   Another problem with the Red Blinder is, that it only grows when two different conditions apply: it has to grow in a mineral-rich place and has to be illuminated by the everglowing Blue Chamber Eyes, another mushroom. The light seems to activate something like a defense mechanism from where the Red Blinder got its spicy taste. But when cultivated in the right way the Red Blinder is a speciality on its own.    
You got me that Red Blinda, boy? Our leader might wanna have sum spice in his soup, aye? Na, ma leader wants only spicy things on his birthday. Ah, yes, that are good ol' Red Blindas. Hmmm, smell 'em, they do love to be cooked.
— Dwarven chef to his assistant


  Once harvested the mushrooms are sliced up into thin stripes. At this point the nearly clear juice should be still inside the slices, it has a jelly-like texture and shouldn't be bothered by the hopefully sharp knife. The mushroom itself is red as blood. After slicing them up, the pieces are given into boiling water, cooked for fifteen minutes and then simmering for at least ten hours. Do not bother with stirring.   After the required simmering time the jelly should be inside the water and has now a more solid shape with the - now hopefully - white/beige slices inside of it.   Carve the jelly with the slices out of the pot and let it rest on a metal plate for five minutes. Heat up the metal plate and let the jelly dissolve in a more fluid state, remove the mushroom slices, wring them out and catch the liquid jelly in a clean pot or bucket.   Now add the herbs for your dye into the bucket, stir for half an hour. Your dye should now have the color of clear water or tears. Cook it again for two hours, then test on a strand of hair if the effect is as desired. If not, cook as long as needed.   If your dye has the desired effect and colour, fill it into bottles, put a lid on and let it all cool down. If cooled, you can label your bottles and sell the dye. Or wrap it as a present. Or summon your customer and present it to him. He will thank you for all eternity.  
Ma fellow dwarf, it is a huge honour to... look how clear it is. And it does smell nice. You really earned your pay, ma lad.
— Thankful customer


  The dye is only fit for use on hair. It doesn't matter if it is in your genital area, your head hair, your beard or the hair of your dog. Do not let it touch uncovered skin, it will itch for days.   Apply a small amount per strand with the help of a spoon or a glove to your hair and let it dry for an hour.  


  The colour of the Dwarven Brass Dye is... hm, well, it is brass after all. Depending on the reflection of light it can also shine in all colours of the rainbow and even match your armour. After applied and in contact with air it changes its clear colour to brass, even on dark hair.  
Oh, darling, look at you. You look like the statue of ya pop. It was worth every coin. But that was the exception!
— Dwarven wife to her husband


  The Red Blinders are a rare type of mushroom and only cultivated by a few dwarfs under careful planting. Not only the customer has to pay for the mushroom itself, he also has to pay for the chef, the care, the work, the gathering, the herbs, and the crafting process. With that in mind it shouldn't surprise only nobility or wealthy merchants and other wealthy people can afford a bottle, not speaking of two bottles!   Everyone who knows about Dwarven Brass Dye is going to be envious and at least a little bit more respectful towards the dye-owner. In the dwarven society the dye is to show off wealth and to demoralise other political opponents. A beard is nearly everything in a dwarven life.  
He should choke on his dye and die, this magnificent bastard!
— Envious political opponent
Cold metal, herbs, mint
after the herbs
Clear at first, brass after appliance

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