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Druids are an intelligent species of plants which are part of Koria and the Emerald Planes since the creation of the world.
They protect the green heart of Koria with an iron grip and clear rules. There are not many rules implemented, but they are very clear and are densed down to: Do not be an arse.
Nobody gets a list of the rules when they enter the Planes, but word got around, so it is clear enough what you can do and what you can't do.


The Eternal Life thought it would be nice to have some parts of herself in Koria (at a time where they haven't discovered that they can shapeshift; yes this was before the humans) so both Eternals created the Druids.
At first they were more or less harmless; as harmless as an intelligent plant can get. But after several species violated the Emerald Planes, burned a huge part of the forest, killed animals and shat into the lakes they started to get angry.
Over the years rules crystalised from the behaviour of the Druids and just like a Mycel Network they shared information with each other. Because of their assimilation process they learned a lot and shared it.

Rules of the Planes

The unspoken rules of the planes are simple: do not be an arse.
  This includes
  • do not burn fresh wood or remove it from living plants
  • make sure your campfire is contained to its designated area
  • do not kill any animals, bring your own food
  • if you need to release yourself, don't do it into a lake or running water
  • don't come armed into the Planes (for self-defense it is apparently ok?)

Breaking the Law Rules

The consequences of breaking the rules are as simple as the rules themselves: you get killed. No but, no if, just... killed.
But that isn't necessarily the end. Not for your body at least. Because if the Druids find your body worthy in terms of durability they will add it to their ranks.
Armies just get killed and used as fertilisier. That is the reason one may find bones and armours during their journey through the Emerald Planes and that is the main reason the Druids look like Dwarves, Elves, Garladans or Humans. Well, in terms of Garladans & Underlings with a bit of imagination.

Variations of Blood

The assimilation process is a painful experience, at least for the victim if it is still alive. One will definitely feel small veins and wooden fingers crawl under ones skin, into the skull, into the organs, liquifying the contents of the body. Slow the plant nestels into the stomach area and spreads from there, replacing organ by organ. The last thing a victim feels is the pain of their brain slurped away and their existence destroyed.
Portrait of a Druid by CrazyEddie via Midjourney

Portrait of a Druid by CrazyEddie via Midjourney

Cover image: Koria Main Header by CrazyEddie via Midjourney


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