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Kako the Deep


"Kako heard the trembling words that spilled from broken lips, and they knew in that moment that they were needed. They did as they needed, and listened, for that was their job, and it was what their people wished for; to speak the truth to someone who would listen, and still love them afterwards."
— "The Book of Lies" by Novian Weimer

Divine Domains

Liars, knowledge, truth, the lonely, the abused.

Holy Books & Codes

Book of Lies was originally written by Novian Weimer; Kako's first lover, a scholar, and the founder of the Temple of Records. It has been rewritten by other followers and added onto, as well as several different versions being created. The Book of Lies is now considered Kako's bible; in the early pages it describes Kako's personality and beliefs, while the late book describes interpretations and lessons learned from the stories Novian wrote. The original book is in the Seashrine Temple, owned and protected by the Quiet's Church.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Kako Symbol
Kako's divine symbol (the official symbol used by Kako's church) is an eye wide open inside a pair of parted lips. This represents Kako's eyes "swallowing" the words spoken to them.   Shells have enormous symbolic meaning to Kako, to the point where people often believe that speaking into a shell is like speaking directly to them. Because shells have become so sacred, a license is required in order to hunt for them in most places; in other places it's forbidden to pick up shells at all. Sea creatures that use shells are thought to be Kako's messengers. Spirals are a simplified version of this symbolism that is often used.   Bottles, brushes, and books are lesser symbols used to represent Kako's domain over knowledge, and their introduction of inkweaving to the world. These are not in themselves considered sacred, but they are often used as offerings, or in rituals in Kako's name.

Tenets of Faith

  • Do not lie or deceive maliciously.
  • Do not abuse others.
  • Listen when others need to speak.
  • Do not leave the suffering to suffer.
  • Kindness travels faster and further than a sword.


Kashorin is a holiday that many people celebrate, even by people who do not worship Kako as a patron divine. Kashorin is celebrated once a year for a single day; on this day, people can go into a Quiet's Church and speak to people sworn to secrecy, who will listen. Shell jewelry is sold by many temples on this day, and is often worn around. Homemade dishes are often given to others; large acts of kindness on this day are also observed. It's tradition to write a letter to Kako and place it in a bottle with several small stones to throw into the ocean to deliver to Kako. It is rumored that they sometimes to respond to the letters they receive on this day.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Kako focuses on exerting their will through Oracles when abusers and malicious liars are found; they ultimate goal is for the world to be a place where no one has a need to lie in order to protect themselves or others. They push for everyone to have access to knowledge, for cruelty is often born of ignorance. Kako also wishes for the Ancients to return one day, and will pay more attention to scholars who study them.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Kako has a tall, slender body and often gets tangled in their long hair. They have four arms; with the back pair they constantly hold two silver conch shells to their ears. Their blind eyes are completely filled with a deep dark blue color, said to reflect the ocean depths of their home. Their height and weight fluctuates as needed, as all Divines have the ability to grow or shrink to whatever size they wish. Kako remains comfortable at 20 feet tall, but when attempting to not frighten mortals, they appear as nearly 7 feet. They wear scraps of dark cloth wrapped about themselves. Some days they are covered completely in cloth, and others they will have only a few scraps left clinging to them.

Physical quirks

Kako is ambidextrous with their front pair of hands; their back pair of hands are constantly holding their shells to their ears. They tend to move slowly and very fluidly, almost as though they are underwater. Their hair tends to move in the same manner, which often causes it to tangle around their limbs. Their head is often lowered slightly; because they are blind they often do not look directly at someone who is talking to them, though they are attentive and listening despite the shells covering their ears.

Special abilities

Kako has the ability to hear all words and understand the intent behind them, even if the person using them doesn't fully understand the intent. They can tell truths and lies apart, and can force the truth from someone's lips. Kako is especially sensitive to ink, and despite being blind, they are able to read ink that was made with an Inkweaver's design; they see the letters as faint, colored light in the darkness.

Apparel & Accessories

Kako wears long strips of thick, dark cloth tied and wrapped around them. The style and amount will change regularly, often depending on the mood Kako is in. They also wear a thin, pearl-studded leather belt around their waist with a bottle of ink and a loop for their brush attached on one side, and a pocket for their book on the other.

Specialized Equipment

The Silver Shells that Kako holds to their ears are large silver conch shells; their size fluctuates along with Kako's so they are always easily held. They were created by Jusicial from Kathe's teeth once they had fallen. The shells whispers to Kako words unspoken, all lies, and words spoken to no one or those who aren't listening. They listen, and do what they can without disrupting the balance of the world. Usually this involves writing letters to those who need them, or asking Hunna the Star Stringer for guidance for them. However, most people find comfort in the fact that Kako will listen if they need someone to speak to.   The Book Kako writes in is a thick, grey-blue, hardcover book with silver engraving in the Divine Language that reads "Embrace All" on the cover. They use this to write down words they hear, truths untold, and the names of people who are lonely. They will often give these names to Hunna in order to guide those who are lonely to each other.  
The Brush Kako carries is a long, thick lettering brush made of opal and decorated with black depovi (a type of metal found only in deeper parts of the ocean). The hairs of the brush are white and made of plain horsehair. Though the brush is dipped in completely black ink, Kako can clean it with a flick and it will not be stained. They use the brush to write in their book; ink will drip from the brush and arrange itself into the proper lettering on the page.   The Ink Kako uses to write with is made of their own blood; they keep a bottle of it on their hip that refills as they wish it to, able to be corked when it's not being used. This ink is the purest form that can be used for inkweaving, but it is very rarely if ever given to mortals. The ink is permanent and cannot be washed away or removed from a surface; Kako uses this ink to mark their Divine Servants and their charges (those they openly protect).

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When the Ancient Kathe was killed by an unknown force, Pote, the Ancient of Nothing, began to spread in despair. In a frantic attempt to soothe their pain and balance out the forces in Kollark once more, the other Ancients took Kathe's bones and carved Divines out of them; minor gods that would fulfill Kathe's duties in their own ways.   Kako was one of the last Divines created from Kathe's bones. Before the Ancients left, Jusicial offered them two silver conch shells made from Kathe's teeth which would allow them to hear words that were spoken to no one, words spoken as lies, and words spoken to those who were not listening. Kako found that liars were most often those trying to protect themselves or others; these lies were small, and Kako could forgive them. Kako found solace in the lonely and ferocity in the abused, and they were drawn to these people. Kako discovered a love for the ocean very quickly, as its depths were lonely and they could hear words quite easily in the silence. They used this as their home, and from there they could hear all words ever spoken or written.   Soon Kako became enamored with a lonely, Borderless apprentice scholar who was attempting to record people's stories on his travels. The scholar was attacked, and all his writings were burned in malice. Kako appeared to him, and pressed a quill tip into their stomach, dyeing it with their black blood. The quill never ran out of ink, and became the First Quill, which rendered anything it was written on permanent and indestructible. Kako became the Divine of scribes, and the scholar went on to found the Temple of Records and became the first Bookmaster. Kako kept the scholar as a lover until he died at an old age.   Overcome with the despair by the death of his lover, Kako returned back to the ocean and hid themself away. They continued listening to others through their shells, and heard malicious lies. Kako called for those liars in a bout of anger, and their followers began to sacrifice those convicted of lying. Out of these sacrifices came Fiear the Merciless, who was turned into a Divine Servant. Kako initially trained him to bring in malicious liars, but the need came for a protector of the Sacred Ground of the Ancients, so Kako sent Fiear to take on this mantle as their anger faded.   Kako saw what they had done; people were sacrificing those who merely had differing opinions, or whose truths people did not want to believe. Kako gifted the world with Oracles, those who could tell truths that were spoken in front of them, and they became the judges of liars. Sacrifices became few and far between as the Oracles took hold, and Kako returned to the ocean once more, hiding away from all but the words.

Gender Identity

Agender (They/them)



Accomplishments & Achievements

Kako gave mortals the ability to inkweave when they gave their blood as ink to their lover, a scholar known as Novian Weimer. Kako also created Oracles which became judges of those convicted of malicious lies.

Failures & Embarrassments

When Kako's first lover died, they became angry with the world and its lies, and they called for the sacrifice of these liars. The mortals took it too far, and Kako regretted their decision as the souls of innocents came to them instead. Though this led to the creation of Oracles, it has haunted Kako as a failure on their own part to do their job properly.


Kako hears lies and deceits at all times, and have sworn that they will never lie to another. They are willing to withhold information, but they find this distasteful.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes


Kako enjoys stories; especially when people read to them. They enjoy the taste of coffee, and seafood. They find a fascination in old books and papers, dyes, and soft furs. They enjoy being told random facts, and being given seashells that have been abandoned. These items can be used in offerings.  


Kako dislikes lying, but can understand if it isn't malicious. They hate most sweets and would rather something bitter or savory. Ignorance is one trait that they despise the most.

Virtues & Personality perks

Kako is incredibly honest and very kind. They're a good listener. They care deeply for mortals, which is more than most of the other Divines can say.

Vices & Personality flaws

They're difficult to make angry, but when Kako does become angry, they become destructive. They often withdraw from others. They are easily distressed, especially when it comes to mortals. They will disobey their Divine Orders in order to help mortals at times, which leads to imbalance. Kako can come across as overprotective.


Contacts & Relations

by Amevello Blue
Hunna the Star Stringer is often the first person Kako goes to when they feel the need to talk to someone. Hunna also helps them with their own duties, as they both deal closely with mortals.
Fiear the Merciless is their Divine Servant, whom they speak to often. Fiear is currently the only living being within the Sacred Ground of the Ancients, and as such Kako often hears from him.

Social Aptitude

Kako is a very private person; they often do not speak to more than one or two people at a time. They are gentle and kind with those they do speak to, and completely honest in their actions and words. They are quite confident in their own actions, though they try not to boast this. They try to help wherever they can, and are very good at listening to others. They don't talk much.


Kako speaks very softly and quietly, their tone soothing. They sigh often, and will pause occasionally to listen more closely to their shells. They tend to use informal speech, and speak very honestly.
28th of Bone Moon, 001 A.A.
Divine Classification
Lesser God
Date of Birth
1st of Seule
Black-blue of the ocean depths; blind
Long, sleek, jet black
Known Languages
Kako has Divine ability of understanding all languages, and all people understand them when they speak.


Author's Notes

This is for the Master's Monthly #5 Week 1 Challenge! I'm quite proud of this one, Kako has been in my head for a while and it felt good to get them down properly.

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