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Köfun köfunarheimur

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Greetings and Welcome to Kofun! This is the world where all of my Dungeons & Dragons games exist. While some of the games that progress the world story are streamed and viewable to all, there are others that remain offline and private. The events from each game I Dungeon Master are inter connected, for example, there is an NPC that has made appearances in all of my adventurers games. The experiences of each of these groups and the characters they create can be heard about and talked about in our digital world, Kofun.   I am inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and make use of adventures that have been published; however like any good DM/GM, many of them will diverge from the Wizards of the Coast timeline to fit my players needs, desires, and the timeline of their story. While we do play a bit with the timeline, the adventures will still make use of many of the same principles until such a point that a Sundering type event occurs.   By utilizing my collection of adventures from older and current publications as a foundation of the adventures for the world and the players in it, we are building a narrative that spans several versions of D&D lore. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your visit to my world and our adventures in it.

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