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Filth Fever

"Filth Fever isn't one disease, it's several with similar effects. That's really not what's important; what's important is that you isolate the victim, cure them as soon as possible, and find the source of the disease immediately before anyone else falls ill. Consider it a cock's call for sanitation."   ~Chingis Wildbone, deputy of Alcedene

Transmission & Vectors

Filth fever is carried in tainted water and, as its name suggests, filth. Contact with orifices or membranes of a character risks infection.   Additionally, certain insects such as ticks, bedbugs, and mosquitoes can carry filth fever in their bites.   If a character makes contact with contaminated matter or travels through certain regions, they must make a DC 13 Constitution save. On a success, the character is immune to disease from that source for one week. If a character fails, they gain the Diseased condition in 2d6 hours.


The first sign of Filth Fever is a slight nausea and an itching sensation on the skin.   After 24 hours, the victim begins to feel weak, and their fever steadily rises.   12 hours after that, the fever spikes and they begin to weaken more.   At this point, if they do not recover they will grow weaker and weaker until they die.   They are contagious at every point once symptoms appear, and any water they drink directly from or bathe in is contaminated, as well as any bodily fluids or wastes they have.   Once the Diseased condition is acquired, the character knows that they are ill. 24 hours after the Diseased condition is acquired, the victim gains one level of exhaustion. Every 12 hours after that they must make another DC 10 Constitution save or gain another level of exhaustion. If they make 3 saves in a row, they are cured.


A Remove Disease spell or potion cures the victim. Medical aid can assist in recovery.   A successful Medicine check DC 12 grants the victim advantage on their saves against the disease. A full rest grants advantage on the next saving throw against the disease.


Filth Fever is rarely fatal for healthy adults. If treatment is provided, a full recovery is likely.

Hosts & Carriers

Otyughs always carry this disease, and rodents such as rats or bats may also be carriers.


Boiling or treating water with Potions of Ablution is the most common way to prevent this disease.

Cultural Reception

Filth Fever in a population is an indication that more attention needs to be paid to sanitation.


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