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Tirglasian Bear

Like many things in Tirglas, the bears that roam the highland forests are known as the biggest on the continent. And also the most belligerent. Regarded by locals with a mixture of fear and awe, they are generally left alone unless they harass livestock or become maneaters. Those who manage to bring down one of these beasts generally gather many accolades.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

The bears breed slowly. Cubs are born late-winter or early-spring and typically in twos to threes, although rarely do all three survive to adulthood as males frequently pick them off. It's believed that this is done to bring the female back into heat as she won't whilst nursing young for the first two-three years. During this time, a female is hyper-vigilant of her offspring and will attack anything she deems is a threat to her cubs.   Reaching maturity after five years, male cubs will leave their mother's den in search of their own territory, whilst females will likely remain in the area for another year before making their own den. After this, it's unlikely mother or cub will ever meet again.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Although considered carnivores and the main predator of the Tirglasian boar, these bears will eat anything they can get their paws on. A typical diet can include deer, fish, wild pigs and juvenile bears just as simply as it can bird eggs, berries or carrion left behind by other animals. Those who wander close enough to civilisation also add domesticated cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens and even the odd Boarhound to their meal selection.


Despite their reputation, few bears will venture into populated territory with those who do being either hungry, sick or feeling threatened.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The wider population can be found mostly in the northern parts of Tirglas. But sightings of smaller variants can be spotted in the neighbouring land of Cezhory and even as far as Dvärghem.
24 Years
Average Height
The average adult male stands roughly four feet tall at the shoulder. With females standing roughly half a foot shorter.
Average Weight
Most recorded weights come from hunted maneaters, which are generally bigger than average. The largest recorded was a male hunted by Prince Hamish that weighed 843kg (1859lb). Many others have weighed closer to the 600kg range with estimates that the general populous is far lighter, but still roughly 300-500kg depending on their habitat.
Average Length
The average male measures eight feet in length.
Geographic Distribution


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