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King's Hound Messenger Outpost

Purpose / Function

Kory's Rest is such a small place. Yet, many people pass through the village on their way to other places, bringing news with them. Whilst many messenger outposts in the village bring a variety of news of harvest or trade or even the odd bit of gossip, this particular post is focused solely on the comings and goings of anything suspiciously like magic.   Because the crown considers housing a King's Hound here a waste of resources, they pay a family good money to maintain the outpost and collect the messages, keeping them ready for any hound who happens to be passing by.  


Built from wood and covered in white plaster with solid exposed beams, the building is a simple structure that's no more remarkable than its neighbours save for the massive rooftop habitat housing messenger pigeons.   Three stairs lead to the wooden front door, which opens directly into the building's main living area. A rickety, winding staircase to the left directs people to the rooftop where the pigeons are housed.

Sensory & Appearance

Due to the number of pigeons held here at any given time, there is an awful lot of cooing, making it difficult for a person to hear anything going on in the street below. This can make getting into the building difficult as the attendant has a habit of keeping the front door locked when he's tending to the birds. Fortunately, a King's Hound is more than capable of scaling the side of the building.   Despite the attendants' best attempts, the area never looks well kept and, although the straw is cleaned on a regular basis, the aroma of bird feces is prevalent.

Contents & Furnishings

The stairs end in a little hut that shelters the workstation and messages from the weather out on the rooftop. Everything here is lit by a single lantern as the slightest breeze could tear a message slip from a reader's hand.   The workstation itself is big enough for one person to sit on a stool tucked against the staircase's banister. Hanging from the wall above the workstation sits a small bookshelf, carrying a handful of books, largely those for decoding the symbols on each messenger tube. The tubes themselves reside in a case atop the workstation, divided into empty and not. Messages that aren't to be passed on to another post sit in a separate case, waiting to be dealt with by a King's Hound.   Outside of the little hut is the massive structure that's the pigeon loft. This is a massive enclosure that takes just much of the original building's rooftop. It contains all a pigeon would need, boxes for nesting, areas to bathe and feed, and shelter from the elements.
Alternative Names
King's Hound Pigeon Post
Architectural Element, Rooftop
Parent Location


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