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Elven Nomadic Caravans

Used as both transport and homes by the nomadic elves, they are commonly found clustered in small clans (also colloquially called caravans) travelling between the various kingdoms of Obuzan, Tirglas, Cezhory, Dvärghem and the upper quarter of Demarn.   With each one being crafted entirely by the clan as a gift to a newly wedded couple, building a single caravan takes three-to-six months with no two having the exact size or appearance of another. This variation can be attributed not only to skill and time, but also the location in which it's made as they were constructed out of whatever native woods were in the area. The entire structure sits atop four massive spoked wheels, with the front two able to swivel and aid in steering.   Entry is by a single, split door, with the top half commonly left open during occupation and travel. A lantern hangs on the right side, when facing the door. There are small shuttered openings on either side of the caravan as well as in the front. The interior is simple, holding amenities to cook (typically, a small stove), sleep (a raised bed at the fore with storage beneath), sit and store belongings. Much of the space is designed to use every little nook and cranny as a means to securely stash items.   Many times, a nomadic clan will seek to give human settlements a wide berth, as well as completely avoid entering the Udynea Empire. This means the caravans will often travel across huge patches of untamed land and are built to withstand the trials caused by navigating such rough terrain.


They are usually drawn by a single or pair of oxen, depending on the size. A few well-to-do nomads may have a horse doing the task, although such a luxury is more likely seen tied to the rear.

Armor and defense

Given that these are, essentially, portable cottages, they have little in the way of armament or defensive accoutrements. Many clans rely on avoidance or, in a pinch, the spellsters within their group to protect the caravans.
2m (6.5 feet)
5m (16 feet)
9 km/h on proper roads
Complement / Crew
1-2 Driver(s)
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
1 Family and their belongings.


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