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Aradi Kasiu

(a.k.a. Ardi, Ara, mãe.)

Aradi is your regular old wise lady, affectionately providing food and advice to guests and tenants in the boardinghouse she runs. Now in her golden years, she acts motherly to most, but it's not uncommon to see her flirting with old gentlemen and young rebels.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Kasiu family was always numerous, and that drove Aradi crazy more often than not. As a child she was coerced to spend time with her relatives, get some friends, share her toys, explain her inventions... The pressure to join in and the judgment she had to face when she tried to be away from them were the only things more extenuating than social interaction.   She started to engage in conversations with her aunts and uncles, because the difference in age and experience worked like a barrier and gave her an excuse to talk little. Once she was too old to use the age as a distancing mechanism, she tried all kinds of attitudes to push people away without having to explain her need to be by herself.   Sarcasm was efficient, but it made some people angry or hurt their feelings, and she hated that. Flirting became her favorite tactic, of course. People got all red and shy, or came up with clever lines to answer to hers. It was funny and impersonal. Some would be offended but no one felt bad.   Sadly, the original problem—interacting with her family—remained. When she had the chance, Aradi traveled as far as she could.


She studied Interior Design, both using tools and Invention skills.


  • At the age of thirteen, she became the apprentice of a local decorator
  • At her early twenties she joined the Accommodation Team in a cruise of the Escapades Company, and was soon promoted to Manager of their resort in Festa city
  • In 702 Co, Aradi quit her job to run a boardinghouse

Personality Characteristics


It took her decades, but she finally figured out her genuine feelings toward her peers. Now she wants to make up for lost time, enjoying her own company and developing honest relationships only when she feels like it.


Social Aptitude

Not long ago, it was all flirtatious make-believe that would distract some and make others awfully uncomfortable. Even when the flirting led to actual romantic relationships —two marriages, even— she always showed them a mask, and sooner or later she was incapable of keeping it. For that reason, all her relations were either superficial or short lasting.   She was honest with her children, though. At first, it was because they couldn't chastise her or gossip about her inability to socialize. By the time the first of them started talking and making friends, the connection was already made and Aradi was forced to look for ways to balance her need to be alone and the deep appreciation she felt for people around her.   Flirting is not a hiding mechanism anymore but it helps to get close to certain people and, more than anything, it's fun.
Chaotic good
Year of Birth
677 Co 58 Years old
Afastare Town, located in the desert of Ameldig World.
Current Residence
Outskirts of Memorable City, located in the Beach of Ameldig World.
Brown, hooded.
black and short
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
spotty warm beige skin
1.54 m

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30 Jul, 2021 21:52

I love so many things about this article:

  • That it features an older lady
  • That Aradi had issues connecting with others (particularly since this prompt is for a romancer type character)
  • That she used flirting as a way to deflect without hurting people's feelings so much
  • Aradi becoming more comfortable with relationships as she connected and grew with her children
  • That she has kept on flirting because it's fun!

30 Jul, 2021 22:15

I'm glad you liked it! I loved all those things when I wrote the article too. And the irony of a nosy advise-giver that is fond of privacy.