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South of the Copperwood Forest lies Vyntior. Bordering the Caermlyn Mire, it is a small, quiet, unassuming farming village not used to too many travellers, other than the usual ones that bring supplies and the like. There is not much in the way of trade here, just one general store, a bakers, a butchers, a blacksmith and one tavern. The village is mostly self sustaining, living off the two farms to the south, one of these being crops and the other being livestock.   The residents here tend to keep themselves to themselves, having lived under the shadow of the bog for a while now, although they are friendly when you get to know them. Vyntior is led by the village elder, named Tharneag Snowbreaker, a dour, quiet dwarf yet with a good sense of humour and a heart of gold once you get to know him.   Only about 80 or so people live in this village and it often seems that everyone knows everyone, in fact they pretty much do. Those that haven't left to seek their fortune elsewhere work hard to make a living, doing what they can just to survive. Most work the land on the two farms.  

Other notable NPC's

  • Baker
  • Butcher
  • Tavern owner
  • Crop farming family
  • Livestock farming family
  • Sheriff/law
  • Religious leader
  • Smith

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