Ignis' boon

The sign of a good person.

"Thank you dearly for having freed us all from the grasp of governor Rearrock, you two are our saviours.
I-I don't understand what you are supposed to be, mister Hegraven, but you, miss Hiss.
I have not much to offer but the boon of my kin.
Please accept my eternal gratitude engraved on your pale skin. It might save your or your partner's life one day.
No, I insist, please let me bless you.
... Rearrock forced me to do it against my will for so long, but now I can finally grant it again by my own independent decision, so p-please.~"

Hestia offering her gratitude to Raja Hiss


Flaming defenders and compassionate friends to an Arcadian Ignis can get rewarded by them with a special beneficial boon of their cause bestowing some of their unique abilities to their best friends and allies. This inflicted condition takes place as swirling black tattoo-like symbols covering a part of the body of the receiver. Ignis usually choose the location of their flaming kisses based on the arcane status.
If the recipient is not connected to the Veil by any means, being a Purist, the Ignis prefers the non-dominant arm of their tattoo. Meant as a way to grant them the ability to protect themselves from the powers of their enemies without sacrificing power. The tattoos are able to absorb up to one arcane blast in these marks, charging them, being ready to retaliate by sending the stored alien power back to the agressor.
"Don't you dare harming my husband!
W-where did the fireball go? W-why do I feel so w-warm?
My tattoos are glowing ... Hestia!~"

Raja protecting Dross

An arcanist on the other hand usually prefers the marks of trust on their dominant arm vastly empowering their capabilities when the aether is sated with arcane ligaments absorbing the power of the location to add to their own.
"Your luck has finally run out!
You're on my turf now! The fire ligaments are surrounding me."


Under normal conditions is this state fully and completly harmless to the inflicted. There have been however cases of Purists feeling considerably ill after having stored an absorbed spell for an extended time within the tattoes. Having the powers of the Veil in their unresponsive body is not a normal state and leds to natural reactions of the immune system to try to battle the foreginer.
Arcanists have no negative consequences from using their boon to empower their ability. Unless they try to absorb enemy spells.
If the spell is of a gate they don't understand will the physical damage get transferred to mental damage that can cause an Arcburn if the user came in contact with too many gates already. A risk only few are ready to endure to protect others.
Raja Hiss by Soulwing98
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species


Ignis' boon takes place as an intricate pattern of black curved patches appearing like petals ensnaring the limb in a passionate embrace symbolising the desire of the Ignis to keep the inflicted as safe as possible.
The free spaces between the patches show the intensity of the deeds that led to this beneficial gift. A tight weaving of the 'kisses' shows the gravity of the deeds the inflicted has done to get them.
Some even take these tattoos as proof of being a legitimate and trustworthy fellow.
"I see you recieved the blessings of the primordial.~
Step in, my friend!"

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