Gravity // Flight

"I craved ultimate freedom and independance from others.
That desire was such raw, I wanted even to get rid of the limiting factor that is gravity, studying and unlocking the ability to fly unbound and unshackled.~"

Nari Galitl, delivery girl

Shift // Lock

Gravity magic is based on the concept of altering the personal gravity of items and beings. The gravity, that is acting on Prius' surface has an amount of 1.2G. Having knowledge about that constant can A gravicer alter the influence on an Item via taking G away or imbuing it with more G. The sweet spot is here 0G, causing the item to experience zero-gravity, a preferable state to carry heavy-duty things, holstering them with their mental muscles instead of physical ones.
While Shift only manipulates the body as a whole have some Gravicers apply a method of counteracting gravity influences. A pull that pushes and pulls the unlucky locked to one specific coordinate unable to leave it without applying a force that is stronger than the restricting power. Some modulations prevent people from taking steps or jumping locking the body on the Y-axis while otherwise allowing normal movement. A gravity lock in the X or Z-Axis forces the victim on a straight line with altitude shifts. Combining X and Z locks one in place and the addition of Y fully incapacitates the victim.
Gravicers, who have not unlocked the ability to fly yet like to use this gravity lock as points in hands and feet to more or less climb through the air, briefly locking gravity to have a stepping stone.

Orbit // Flight

While every Gravicer is considered a planet of its own having a personal orbit, can some talented even control said orbit. The gravitational pull to the very soul of the arcanist can get strengthened, cancelled or even reverted allowing some basic protection against projectile-based harm,
"How I prevent the 0-G crates to crash into me? Oh, that's quite easy to be frank.
I simply have on deliveries my personal orbit reversed to push the at that time weightless boxes away from my body."


The flight on the other hand is a culmination of year-long studies of the prior three abilities of Shift, Lock and Orbit. By far the most difficult ability to master and only 0.5% of all Gravicers even scratch the surface of ‚true freedom‘.
Nari leaned back in the air and rested on an imaginary couch, wagging her feet in amusement at the eager questions of the Gravicer:
"Well, let me first explain to you the many quirks needed for flight and the amount of time needed for it. Spoiler: I won't take you as my apprentice.", the kobold tilts her head and smiles softly,
"But I am willing to share just how my gravity mastery works.
I have seen, that you are quite avid in Shift and Lock, and that is very useful to learn how to hover. Let's take Shift. Ever experimented with a gradual shift, a steady push and pull to keep you on a curve of an alternating -2G / 2G curve? This is the most basic rule of hovering. Finding a sweet spot where the pull and push lets you whip up and down in mid-air and that in barely noticeable.", she murrs, "Onwards to Lock. Ever thought about how useful it might be to temporarily lock the Y-Axis of your body for extended flight?
Will save you your steady alternating on long-term flights. Furthermore. Use a brief full gravity lock on your feet or hands to push yourself away from the surrounding air. Lock is essential for movement while the basics are hidden in Shift."
The bold giggles and hovers a bit closer letting their personal gravity fields collide, which pushes her away again. She smiles: "What you felt just now is a negative orbit. Useful to keep dust and water away from you when flying high. It also acts as a way to keep your squishy body intact. Gradually alter it to resist the outside pressure. But even with all three of these mastered will you not be able to fly. The secret is, look into my eyes."
Looking into the kobold's eyes the Gravicer fails to find any traces of the characteristic bolts of the Veil in her sclerae indicating active usage of her ability:
"Y-you use all this passively, right? It is not about knowledge, but applied practices?"
Nari nods and lands, briefly collapsing due to her weakened legs, until having gotten used to carrying her own weight. She places a paw on the Gravicer's chest:
"Indeed, you got it. I have applied these teachings for years, and have trained myself until my brain was not required anymore to keep it up. My muscles and my joints are infused with gravity, they know by instinct how to alter it to move. My gravity mastery is a perfected state of subconscious knowledge over my whole body.
So better start training, sweetheart."
Nari Galitl, Delivery girl by Soulwing98
Aquired Through:
Symbiosis with a Gravette
General Name
Related School
Rare manifestation of the gate of autumn
Related Element
Strong association to the wind element / Strong association to the earth element
Effect Duration
Hugely depending on weight and amount.

Body Alterations

The most outstanding change in symbiosis is the first step to true freedom. Not anymore is the new Gravicer a servant to Prius' atmosphere, the arcanist has now their very own surrounding their soul. Until the arcanist begins to train to understand the principle of 'Orbit' will this personal atmosphere act like an orbit, perfect to get used in tandem with a zero-G shift to store items via letting them orbit around their chest.
Besides that, increases the pressure resistance of the Gravicerslightly through internal reinforcements of organs, bones and muscles.


Gravity magic is tied to the gate of autumn, which means the first element Gravicers can use as a carrier is the surrounding air. This takes place in the Lock technique but doesn't extend to true ranged uses.
Overstretching the mind to open further gates can add further ways to conduct gravity waves through a limited number of different kinds of matter.
A Gravicer, who is attuned to the Gate of Spring could for example use the reverberations of the soil underneath to affect an area around them with altered gravity.
If you see a gravicer keeping their distance, be aware of what surrounds you.
They might have grown weary to only have mastery over the air."

Teachings of Elendra

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