Vampire Relationship Terms Spooktober

Vampires have specific terms for the various types of relationships they form, especially with those who are not vampires. These terms come from ancient Greek concepts of love.


Agape relationships are ones with casual partners, most often non-vampires who receive sexual pleasure in exchange for their blood. This is common due to the arousing effect vampire venom has on most non-vampire, partly-human species, though the relationship is not always sexual for the vampire.


Eros relationships are those in which the vampire has a romantic and sexual involvement with a partner or partners. These relationships can form between vampires or vampires and non-vampires. In the case of non-vampire partners, these are often also a source of blood.


Philia relationships are those that involve only friendship with nothing sexual or romantic, and with no giving of blood. This is most common between only vampires, or vampires and those they can't or don't wish to feed from for any number of reasons.


Storge relationships are those involving biological vampire families.


Philautia relationships are those that vampires have with themselves. In a way, it is the vampiric concept of "self love."


Xenia relationships are those that involve non-vampire partners who live with a vampire purely to supply blood. It may be a simple business deal or employment agreement in which the non-vampire may manually bleed themself to supply blood, receiving food, housing, and payment in exchange. Sometimes these relationships blur the line between xenia and agape relationships, with some sexual involvement at times, but there is no romantic involvement.


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