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Who is it for

The Xùnunifōm or uniform in common tongue is the uniform for the students of the various ways.  

What are the ways

The ways are the various fighting techniques in this world. Named after the Sacred Animals.     The ways are taught in a Dojo which is found in every city.  

What is it made off

The Xùnunifōm is made of silk, this is the cloth and the rope. The uniform comes in the color of the main families. The buttons are often made from gold, or another metal except of silver. Because silver is to expensive and is mined only a few times a year. They do wear shoes, but only outside.  

The Families and colors

The families are the ruling class of Kimocana.  

Cheaper version

There is a cheaper version of the uniforms, but those are worn by people outside the main families. Those are made of linen and cotton rope. The buttons are from iron, also their shoes are made from cheaper material. The only problem with this is, they are often eaten by Gahúd  

Parts of the Xùnunifōm

The vest without any sleeves. The vest needs to be closed at the front, with loops of rope and buttons. On the back there is room to embroider one of the sacred animals. But that those not happen that often, because it is expensive.
These are armored pols bands, made of silk and iron. Those are not there for show but to protect the wrist. Still allowing the student to move their wrists.
It is the belt that holds up the Pankùzi. The Suǒ is made from silk or cotton and ends up in a piece of cloth.
The pants of this uniform are made of silk or linen. The string by the shins is made from iron wrapped in colored ribbon to protect.

Why do only students wear this?

The students are wearing this uniform to stand out in the crowd. People know when they see somebody wearing this uniform that the person is skilled in one of the ways. So those who wanted to cause trouble will not do this when the person in this uniform is around. This is often misleading, because somebody who is not yet skilled in the way is also wearing this uniform.  


Some ways are using weapons.
The way of the Crane is using Fans as weapons.
The way of the Tiger is using Sai as weapons.
The way of the Monkey is using a bo as a weapon.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory

Pronouns Guide



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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
1 Jun, 2021 20:11

Nice article, I like the design of your uniform :D   I would appreciate a prononciation guide showing how to prononce "Xùnunifōm" because I have no idea how to do that :p   I spotted two mistakes: 1) "So those who wanted to course trouble" should be "cause" 2) "The way of the Crane are using" this should be "is" instead of "are", and some for the other two sentences.   My main remark is that you could a bit more information about the culture of the school and students so that people know the context when reading about the uniform. Like Misades has mentioned, the uniform uses expensive fabric and so it would be interesting for you to remark on this. Are they trying to impress people with their wealth? Does the material have specific properties that make it desirable despite its price?   "The uniform comes in the color off the main families" Here I would explain a bit who those families are. Is it the main families in the countries? In a specific part of society?   "People know when they see somebody wearing this uniform are skilled in one of the ways." Here I would appreciate a short explanation of what the "ways" are. something like "the different fields of magic that are taught at the school".

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
2 Jun, 2021 07:10

I like the changes you've made :D

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3 Jun, 2021 16:08

Aangezien een paar van je links naar Nederlandse artikels gaan doe ik mijn comment gewoon in het Nederlands :) Dit was een leuk artikel met een goed gebruik van heroforge figuren. Ik vond het vooral leuk dat je op de afbeelding ook aanduide welk deel wat was. De beschrijving daarbij was ook goed.   Ik zou misschien wel de links van de families ook in het Engels doen zodat de Engelssprekenden ook die info kunnen bekijken als ze dat willen :) alternatief kan je ook gewoon de tooltip in het Engels zetten ervoor.

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