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"We traveled along the Twelvesroad for days, passing nothing but open plain. On the fourth day I awoke to see something in the distance. Immaculate towers, rising columns of steam, and the glimmer of the riversmeet. It was everything I had wanted to see since I was a girl, but I couldn't help but wish the circumstances of me finally getting to Meadowrun were different."
- Antora Kural   Meadowrun is the largest city in Khasrana. Located at the center of the continent among its three great rivers, it is easily accessible from anywhere in the realm. It hosts the nation's largest collection of bright minds, and is not only the capitol of innovation in the realm but also of arts and leisure. The Helix district in the center of the city boasts the best nightlife in the world, and people travel from the far reaches of Gaodrun for one night in Meadowrun.   The Paragons Glasya the Learned and Kaliya the Vanguard manifested within the city. Glasya's raw knowledge and Kaliya's innovation and insight combine to magnificent effect, and technology and engineering have made amazing strides in the half century since the Paragons arrived.


As the largest city in Khasrana, Meadowrun has a population made up of people from each and every culture of the continent. Humans, elves, aven, and goblins all call the city home, and coexist peacefully.


Meadowrun's position at the confluence of Khasrana's three great rivers provides it with natural defenses, and its proximity to the Pavilion of the Paragons wards off any other would-be invaders. Meadowrun does not have its own standing militia, but Paragon honor guards are trained and stationed within the city.

Industry & Trade

Meadowrun first emerged as a trading post at the meeting of the three rivers. The rivers allow people of Meadowrun to easily travel to any point on the coasts of Khasrana, and anywhere in between. Thus the city has no one particular industry it excels at, as it represents the best of the best from across the continent.


Meadowrun was an advanced and well-established city for a long time, but the addition of two Paragon temples definitely strengthened its infrastructure. Pavilion engineers under Kaliya made huge advances in the city's facilities, making it more comfortable and less expensive to live in Meadowrun.


The three great rivers of Khasrana, the Durind, Sulmir, and Lidama, all meet in the center of the continent, and it is near the riversmeet that Meadowrun was built. The city was born as a trading post between the Durind and Sulmir rivers, but it soon grew over the entire conflux. This means the city is divided into three primary districts, and a sophisticated system of bridges and ferries allow people to travel safely and quickly between them.
Large city
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