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Waye is a member of the Pantheon of Twelve and the goddess of (untouched) nature, plants and animals. Waye was originally a humanoid figure with a central role in the elven mythos of the Bird Gods, but was increasingly worshiped herself among wood elf communes in Qosid and Silimanis (including Northern Silimanis).   Abandoned shrines to Waye became the objects of worship for humans, too, and Waye is typically considered to have brought the Pantheon of Twelve to human cultures.  


In ancient wood elf mysticism, Waye existed as a wise, sentient tree, which offered refuge for all the Bird Gods. Myths involving Waye saw her advise the Bird Gods as they set down in her branches, often caught up in a difficult situation. In the mysteries in Moss Cave, meditation would bring practitioners to reach a tree-like state and find the inner wisdom of Waye. It is said that through such meditations, some started perceiving her in a female, humanoid form and later myths describe Waye accordingly.  


Waye can still appear in tree form, often carrying many branches and birds. In her humanoid form, she takes the shape of a wood elf with birds flying around her or sitting on her shoulders, arms and head. She has been seen as both young and old, but always radiates a calm, harmonious spirit.   Humans describe Waye as appearing in human form and tend to view her as young and pretty. In gnome and dwarf cultures, Waye plays a limited role and is often described as an elf.

Divine Domains

Waye is the goddess of trees, plants, animals and untouched nature in general.


In the first week of Folkanar, an annual one-day celebration called The New is dedicated to Waye. It involved praying, dancing, communal eating and it is an occassion for both private and clerical gardens to plant trees or engage in other horticultural activities.
Divine Classification

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