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Bird Gods

The Bird Gods are a collection of gods that are revered by some small wood elf communities in northern Qosid and The Mistlands. They stem from an ancient faith system that has since given way to the cult of Waye although in Qosid many cultural elements related to old modes of worship of the Bird Gods still survive. In current orthodoxy, the Bird Gods are servants of Waye, who herself signifies natural harmony.   All the birds in the pantheon signify a particular aspect of being and all of them are tied to specific areas on the Northern Arm.  
Name Bird Aspect
Bashaw Red Talon Eagle Power
Golli Bluejay Charm
Pod Bearded Woodchucker Industry
Batanessa Moon Owl Transcendence
Clegge Barn Owl Hunt
Turabell Mistland Falcon Foresight
  Among the Communes of Qosid, wood elf nomads and wood elves in Northern Silimanis, the Bird Gods form totems. Each individual wood elf identifies with a single totem, which constrains social role and in some cases legal obligations and permissions.
Religious, Pantheon

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