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Baloodi is a harbor town at the south of the Ice Sea, which is currently under Labarean control. The town, which newsman Drillo Twistwrench famously described as "a place where nobody comes to stay", provides the gnome empire with access to resources in the Ice Sea and to a trade route with Qosid. Baloodi is an important provider of seafood for Labarean troops marching across the Northern Arm, as well as a distributor of bitt.   The Imperial Trading Company has a location in Baloodi and the town houses an impressive ship wharf, for the construction and maintenance of commercial vessels. There is also a Labarean naval presence in Baloodi, although it does not amount to much and exists to safeguard commercial ships and recapture escaped slaves headed to the Free Cities of Man. Besides these maritime features, the town also attracts traders to the Baloodi Stock Exchange. For the rest, Baloodi offers beds, brothels and not much more.   In Kales, 904 LC, BRIGHT started extending the harbor to construct a new wharf. Drillo Twistwrench, a member of The Traveling Word started investigating on the purpose of this new wharf.
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