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The Language Keepers

Once every five years, a small group of people called the Language Keepers (or keepers) travel to each of the siren settlements in Kelunbar and take a census of the people there. This information is then returned to the Tudines, the rulers of the Sirens. The current Tudine leader then decides what actions to take with this information.  

The Keepers

Keepers are hand chosen by the Tudines, and are typically born-sirens who have had other Keepers within their family. During the four years between censuses, Keepers reside in Srileniare and are excused from the general duties that the populace has.   On census years, Keepers hold settlement-wide meetings where all sirens are invited to come and voice their needs and opinions.Many have critiqued that every five years is not often enough, as this is the only access to the Tudines sirens have.  

The Census

The Keepers take information on three things:
  1. The current numbers of born-siren and transformed-siren
  2. The complaints and comments of the general populace
  3. Evaluation of settlement leaders
This information is then returned to the Tudines who make decisions on what actions to take based on this information. The current ruler may decide to replace a leader in a settlement, or redistribute food from one settelment to another, for example.  

Public Perception

The Language Keepers are often viewed as frustratingly elite and out of touch with culture, as they don't participate in it the same ways that other sirens do. Many sirens believe that the information that Keepers provide the Tudines is often biased or even false. Requests for action from citizens are rarely followed through on.
Civic, Professional
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
The Keepers, Mitas Speakers
Reports directly to
Related Locations

In Writing

The Keepers' full title is The Language Keepers, because they and the Tudines are the only sirens who use the siren written language Mitas. Mitas is used only for the census. To write, Keepers use thin stone slabs and styluses that scratch the ink from a squid found only in Lake Nopoth. This method of writing is only legible for about one hundred years underwater, thus Siren stories and history are generally told orally, and it is unknown when the practice of census taking began.

Skee Critique

Skee siren, who come from a culture that has nearly universal literacy, have tried to popularize their own version of writing. However, most other siren are uninterested, and accessing the materials for underwater writing is difficult for average sirens to obtain. Skees are also disturbed that the ruling class are the only people people who have access to such valuable knowledge, and many suspect Mitas may be being put to other uses besides census taking.

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Author's Notes

This article was originally created for World Anvil Summer Camp 2020 for the prompt: Write about a rank or title that represents order in your world.

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