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In the deepest part of Lake Nopoth stands the small city of Slillosf, where a large siren population dwells.  

The Mitas Squid

Most siren settlements in Kelunbar are mostly self-sustainable, and there is only small amount of trade and export from lake to lake. Slillosf is an exception. Residing in Lake Nopoth means having access to a large amount of strange and unusual creatures found only in this small area of Kelunbar. The most important of these to the siren is the Mitas Squid.
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The ink of the Mitas squid is used to write Mitas, the written language of sirens, which is used only by Language Keepers. This ink as a deep purple color and helps add slightly longer preservation of written text underwater.   Because the ink is used sparingly, squid are not hunted often. Isually harvest happens the fall before a census year.  


Attempts to farm the squid for easy access have been made, but creating an enclosure that both contains the squid and provides them with adequate light and nutrition has proved nigh impossible. This freshwater squid is able to squeeze itself through nearly any size hole, and will eat through many natural barriers. Because of these complications, the squid is hunted instead.   Sirens must use the element of surprise to hunt the Mitas squid. If spooked, the squid will expel its ink into the water to escape, leaving the squid empty and useless until its body produces more ink. To kill a squid, the siren must pierce it through its eye before it has a chance to ink. Most sirens use water darts for this. Once a squid has been killed or stunned with a dart, the ink sack is harvested by cutting open the squid. The squid meat itself might be eaten by a siren, depending on the siren's origin species.
Founding Date
656 (as of 1230 Census)
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Slillosf was founded in the year 324 when a small group of sirens grew frustrated with the leadership in Srileniare, the first siren city, which was settled by Tudine, who was the first siren created by Mimu, Being of Reception. This group of sirens moved downstream to Lake Nopoth and began creating their own rules, intending to live independently from the rule of the Tudines.   For several years, this worked well, and the settlement grew as more transformed sirens joined and the founders families grew. Some sirens even chose to move from Srileniare to Slillosf. During this time, the sirens of Slillosf began to discover the usefulness of the Mitas Squid and began to experiment with writing. Frustrated by the sirens success and desiring this new technology, Gelepa Tudine decided to send out sirens to create more settlements to other lakes in Kelunbar, and to lay claim to Slillosf. Once Gelepa made this decision, it was not much of a fight. Slillosf had very little military and they had to surrender almost immediately. Under these new terms the Slilosf sirens had to share their knowledge of writing with Gelepa.   Gelepa Tudine was the only siren ruler to lay siege to a city, and the first to create new settlements.

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Author's Notes

This article was originally created for World Anvil Summer Camp 2020 for the prompt: Describe a settlement that is famous for a particular resource, product or item created there.

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