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Saturation is a condition affecting select Vita-Touched. Magical in nature, it's caused by the way the Vita-Touched uses magic, rather than a particular condition. As such, it's possible to stop being Saturated at any given moment, though it's rarely done.


Saturation is caused not by a condition, but by how a Vita-Touched uses their magic. Or more accurately, doesn't use their magic. Saturated Vita-Touched don't shield their Vita core, but take in Vita from their environment freely and without control. Likewise, they don't use magic, but let the magic pouring through them just happen and take on any form it desires.


Other Vita-Touched can tell someone is Saturated based on the way they feel, how the Vita around them pours into them, and how their energy-rich cores are completely unshielded. Appearance-wise, there isn't a defining trait to tell them apart, but Saturated tend to bear scars from the unexpected magic, which make take dangerous forms such as spouts of fire or bolts of lightning. Uncontrolled magic may also take form as Forbidden Magic, and may thus alter the Saturated's physical or mental state.


Saturated are often untrained Vita-Touched and who may be unaware of the dangers of this form of magic-use, or who may not know any alternatives. Teaching them proper magic use will cure them of the Saturation, letting them bleed off the excess of energy safely and then preventing them from oversaturating again.
    However, Saturated often place their trust in Vita as a greater power, defining themselves by their trust in such an universal constant. As such, they often refuse to change their ways, and thus can't be 'cured' from Saturation.


Though Saturation itself is not fatal or even very dangerous, the unpredictable and uncontrolled nature of the magic outbursts it causes are. Aside from the fact that it may take the form of Forbidden Magic, which may cause dangerous alterations to the Saturated's mental or physical state, unexpected outbursts of magic can spell serious danger as well.


Saturation is usually a life-long condition due to the mentality most Saturated have. As such, they will accumulate scars and other signs of their lashing magic until they will die. In those that stop being Saturated, no signs of the Saturation remain except for the alterations to their body or mind caused by magic.


The most effective method of preventing Saturation is simply education, which is one of the many reasons why the UGF mandated training and education for all Vita-Touched. In the Second Age the condition was thus rare, but numbers spiked in the Third Age, when Vita-Touched had to keep themselves secret. Now, in the Fourth Age, Saturation is fairly rare again, but numbers remain higher because people seek to emulate surviving Saturated from the Third Age.

Cultural Reception

Saturated are typically seen in negative light, especially those who have been given an opportunity to learn and refused to do so. They're often dangerous to their environments, their unpredictable outbursts of magic affecting not only them, but everyone around them. Additionally, they cast Forbidden Magic with some regularity, despite the taboos on it. Forbidden Magic may also alter their mental states or personalities, making Saturated unpredictable and liable to being very different on every meeting.
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare

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