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Sapphire Water

No one could offer you anything more refreshing when the merciless desert sun is beating down upon you than a draft of Sapphire Water. This liquid, unique to the Kaldara and Jem’Hal deserts is considered to be sacred by the Ma’Jalis people and it is deemed by most desert folk to be worth more than gold, thanks to its reviving properties and divine associations.


Material Characteristics

Sapphire Water is, from the perspective of its physical properties identical to water, except for the fact that it is always a deep, sapphire blue colour, from which its name derives.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Like normal water, Sapphire Water can be consumed to provide hydration, but unlike normal water its consumption greatly enhances an individuals physical performance, allowing their bodies to undergo more strenuous activity for longer and it also relieves an individual of some of the trials of being in a desert environment. Sapphire Water helps to cool the body and increases an individual’s tolerance to intense sunlight whilst in the system.

Geology & Geography

The only known places where Sapphire water occurs is in natural wells that can be found deep beneath the sands of the Kaldara and the Jem’Hal deserts. Occasionally these wells will be revealed through thee natural movement of the sands above them, but generally in order to access them, one must dig down to them. Wells of Sapphire Water can frequently be found in underground cave systems that snake their way beneath the deserts, and many Ma’Jalis temples are built above wells of Sapphire Water and the cave systems they are found in.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

Sapphire Water is a key component of religious rituals enacted in honour of Zazmaan by the Ma’Jalis peoples of the Kaldara desert. It is used in a variety of formats, from the washing of new born babies to the blessing of marriages and it represents to the Ma’Jalis the waters of life, provided to them by their deity so that they can survive in the harsh conditions of the desert.   For the Ma’Jalis, the giving of Sapphire Water as a gift is thought to be a potent symbol of the respect that the giver has for the receiver, and the substance is valued as being even more valuable than gold, silver or gems to the people of the Kaldara Desert.
Near priceless amongst the Ma’Jalis and Jem’Menar peoples.
Deep Sapphire Blue
Common State
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