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The King is Dead

Upon hearing that both her brothers had been killed in riots earlier that day, Florina calmly dressed herself in the maids' disguise she commonly wore when lurking among royals, took a powerful family heirloom from it's resting spot and fully walked across the entire city, in the middle of the night to kill the King. In a moment that would change the entire shape of Stretto, Florina Khegsar boldly marched into the Kings personal chambers and before all his gathered late-night guests, she slid her ancient, arcana-infused blade through his gut. Staring up into his shocked wide eyes she heaved the razor-edged blade horizontally, her rage fueling her with so strength that she severed his spine, nearly bisecting the massive man in two.
There had never been a Royal assassination before and due to outright fear or confusion, the *legal person minister?*, who happened to be present and also quite nude, immediately proclaimed that she, while pointing at the blood soaked King-slayer since he didn't yet know her name, would be the King and all others present did nothing to argue given their currently vulnerable position. This worked out well for everyone except the King and his immediate family who were evicted out of their palace chambers the very next morning and moved into the servants quarters where they would work until the new leadership was established.
The next dawn messengers and criers were sent out across the city to announce the death of the King and the promise to abolish the monarchy system was made. This meant very little to most people since it was signed by a name they didn't recognize and they didn't know any other system of being ruled. The immediate response wasn't as passionate as anticipated but eventually the public noticed the direction things began to take in a positive way and by the time Florina Khegsar signed over her rulership to the first ever Mansa, the people of Stretto had come to expect a true leader to guide them, not a dictator or tyrant.
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How many members of the fallen royal family are there? Do they all survive or did some fall prey to their former victims now that they'd lost their influence?


This proclamation was sent out to every corner of Stretto to let the people suffering know they had received justice for their losses. Florina lost her brothers the previous day in riots that should never have happened and knew there were hundreds of other families in the same situation that morning. Telling the entire city that she had single-handedly solved the problem the lower class citizens had been living with was a power move and announced herself publicly as not only a freedom fighter but as willing to lead those who shared her higher convictions.
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